No longer will I allow you to take me to a place that I do not desire to be.
You see, I have conquired another fear that once lived inside of me.
I am not afraid to die, but I am afraid to live like the world
Having my life in a spiral like a storm out of control in a constant twirl.
My desire is to please the Almighty God of Heaven and Earth
Who gave His Only Begotten Son just to give me a new birth.
Whereever He leads me, there I am sure to follow.
Whatever He says to eat, I will chew it and be certain to swallow.
Whatever He says to drink, I will gulp and not sip.
Whereever He says to wash, I will take a second dip.
I will do whatsoever God shall ask of me.
I will be His willing slave for He has truly set me free.
I will follow Him into the storm for I know that He is my shield.
I will follow Him into the fight for He is my armour on the battlefield.
I will walk behind Him for He will never lead me astray.
I will lift my voice and praise Him for He is my breath throughout each day.
Oh, yes. I will bravely go with Him anywhere.
Because I know He will not leave me once He takes me there.
I will boldly proclaim unto the nations that the Messiah lives.
Whatever He desires of me I will be sure to give.
I will endure the fire, and pain of any test,
Because I know that God is with me and He loves me best.
If He tells me to "Stop and stand still,"
I shall not ask a question; I'll just obey and say, "I WILL."
Copyright ©2010AnnBanks

My determination to please the Lord and obey His
every word.

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Comment by Howard Barnes on January 19, 2010 at 11:54am
Of course dear Anne,
You may use whatever comments you wish. Nothing is our own. It all springs from Him. But thanbyou for asking.
God bless you richly
Comment by Ann Banks on January 19, 2010 at 11:16am
Sister Regi, I thank you for letting me know that you did not receive the share that I sent out. I am glad to know that you like it. Once more, to God be the glory for what He has done through these hands of mine. (And) last vut not least, yes, I am creating a book of poetry.
Comment by regi on January 19, 2010 at 10:24am
Indeed I will! Bless you. You didn't send me a link to this one, but I saw it in your comments. I love it. Are you creating a book of peoms? God has certainly gifted you with a lovely handling of His word in poetry. What a awesome way to peek the curiousity of those wondering about this life, and a feast for those who have accepted the way. Blessing, Evangelist regi
Comment by Ann Banks on January 19, 2010 at 3:33am
Apostle Howard, to God be the glory. It is my prayer that your enrichment in the Lord be doubled in growth this year as the Lord carries you forth for the glory of His kingdom. Let the angels of Heaven rejoice, and the people of the land magnify His HOLY name.
I might be able to use a great deal of your comment in my next poem. Would that be alright with you, Aposte?
Comment by Howard Barnes on January 19, 2010 at 2:40am
Thanks Anne. A great message in verse! This is the desire of my heart too. I'm 66 yrs of age today and every year that desire gets stronger. Oh how I long for deeper intimacy with Him.
Today as through every day, I'm reinvented not recycled, retreaded not re-TYRED, revitalised not redundant and all by His precious Spirit and because of His dear sacrifice for me. I'M SO BLESSED.......and so are we all who dwell in Him!
We are off to India in a few weeks time (5th Feb till 25th Feb) for another mission and to further establish the ministry in that land. Please pray for us. I am taking an international team of seven persons, 3 English, one American and several Indian brothers and sisters. God bless you. Howard Barnes Co-Director of TOM. (see www,

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