If the Ground is Hallowed, then why are you afraid to walk in it ?

God has promised so many things to us a Christians. The Old Testament speaks volumes about Promised Land; God's word is His promise.The Land which I speak of is not a parcel of dirt, that has been surveyed or sectioned off. I speak of land/territories in the spirit. God is Hallowed, everything that pertains to Him is also Hallowed. There are some who He has called to a Promised Land( a special place in HIM ) yet we are really afraid to go. We say " Lord I want to go higher in you" then when He starts to reveal the deeper side of Him, we become fearful..AMEN COMUPUTER !!!. We were made from the dirt( hallowed ground) it is our make, we were formed with Hallow Ground, so why are we rejecting the things of ourself. When the Potter put that dirt into HIS HANDS, it transformed from regular dirt to Hallowed Ground. The Promised Land is what you and I are. We(our spirit man)are Promised Land..the Hallowed Ground is a place in the spirit where the Land meets the Hallowed. There is a new Ground that is waiting for you;a new place in God. He is calling you HIGHER. For the soil that you were once in, is no longer condusive.It is not allowing you to grow and prosper. It has lost it's ability to fertilize; you are not getting adequant nourishment. Yes, the ground is Hallowed, but fear not; tread your way to this new place...rejoicing all the way

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