Job seekers buy into the illusion, at first, that the job-field is a friendly place waiting for someone just like them to employ....WRONG.


People let their guard down to FLATtery NOT noting the "Flat" factor in it designed to flatten their defenses b/c of buying into the illusion where they think that someone Geniunely UnConditionally thinks that they're special....WRONG!


Constituents buy into stump speeches even after horrific proof of failure as a public servant and strong evidence of a cunning self serving politician exist and keep putting the same Gentrification-Creating Element back into office which the constituents are responsible for whether they vote or not. (If you voted for them...obvious what happened; if you didn't vote for them you're responsible b/c you didn't vote them out). You become a constituent by omission or commission.


Church Folks! Church Folks buy into the Rhetoric that GOD is in everything that goes on in the the "church building" even when you can't find it in the Bible NO Where & NO How. All manner of Politcal maneuvering, Pimpation (new word if you will), Prostitute slangin', Cigarette smokin' in the pastor's study, Gossipin' in the minister's meeting before preaching to the people about NOT Gossiping, Taking text on forgiveness while refusing to fellowship with the church in their own organization or fellowship circle over a grudge, Church Ho' hoppin' (yes I said Ho'-Help LORD today), Deacon gunslingin', cussin' "Mother's Board", Hip hopped Out Young People's leader, Jezebel filled Sisterhood.....[Let me take a breather].....Fashion Fair paradin', United Negro College Fund Telethon-like building fund interrupting worship which by the way is on its 30th year and STILL not even a new throw-rug at the front door of the church, AND STILL (and Sadly) Church Folks in many places are stuck in the illusion and have the mitigated audacity to say that regardless of these things being in force that the LORD ALMIGHTY GOD is IN and at the head of such a place.....WROOONNNGG!


2011........Year of Zeal----------------Zeal Buzz!!!

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