Tuesday, December 09, 2008


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As I stand in front of my computer I am ushered into the prescence of the spirit. The church is in a superficial state and lacks authentic worship. Ofcourse, this is not pertaining to the entire body, rather to a good portion of the body. Thus saith the Lord, "There is a thin line between being pleasing to me and being in my perfect will. There are too many of you standing on the wrong side of the fence. I am a God of abumdance....Abundant praise, Abundant grace, and abundant love. My abundant love for you will not allow me to see you continue to walk in a less than abundant anointing. I have allowed you to operate under an outdated anointing for too long, now is the time for my glory to be revealed on the earth like never before but it must first be shown in you. For this reason will I set you free from the destructive lifestyle that you are living. I am bringing you to a greater level of anointing, a gretaer level of understanding in relation to my will and creation. I am bringing you into a greater level of anointing, but you must clean your robes before coming into my prescence. Come back to the side of my perfect will. Those in leadership, forsake your own desire for the church and follow me. Take upon you my yoke and carry my burden, not your own. Come back to me! I am knocking on the door, will you let me back in? The very lives and potential of the sheep is dependant upon your obedience. Don't be like David and allow the people to die, don't be like the heathen and only take concern for yourself. Be a righteous branch and grow. Be a holy vessel and let my light shine through you so that the lost will see their way to me. Be that servant that will hear me say....well done you good and faithful servant".

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