creator : creator, founder.
creatura : creature, servant.
creber : thick, frequent, numerous.
crebro : repeatedly, often, one after the other, time after time.
credo : to believe / trust, commit / trust in, rely on/ think.
creo : to create, make
crepido : (-inis) foundation, base / pedestal / pier, quay / dam
crepitaculum : a rattle
crepito : (-are) to rattle, creak, rustle
creptio : taking by force, seizure.
crepundia : a toy, rattle, plaything
crepusculum : dusk, twilight.
cresco : (cretum) to grow, increase, expand / spring forth, arise
creta : chalk, fuller's earth
cretatus : chalked, in white
cretosus : abounding in chalk
promeritum : desserts, merit, credit.promissio : a promise.

deus placed a frimamento or firmament between light and dark for a reason. to prevent the minds of man form becoming as the minds of gods---

once the two mans mind and gods mind combined ---the for-nation of the fornacation of such and produced recreste---GO or a god or G________ a regeneration of the generation DEUS created...

ehuf said and sad.

learn litan natal and live


recro : to recreate, restore, revive.

v *ate     1   pl. pres. imperative act. :  (you all) GO!

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