Praise The Lord My Brother And Sisters, I Thought We Would Talk About Internet Denominations. I Feel I Don't Need Anything On The Outside Of My Name To Validate Who And What I Am As Well As My Beliefs, Now I'm Not Talking About Your Gifted Titles As Ministers In The Community, I'm Talking About People Singling Themselves Out From The Body Of Christ To Be In And Amongst A Particular Group, I Would Call Internet Denominations. To Me, It's Too Much Like, The Splitting Of The Church, You Know The Birth Of Denominations, Everyone And Their Particular Groups, Their Own Clicks. We All Are One In The Body Of Christ And We Need Each Other In Order For The Body To Stand. There's IGA, Majestic, Sold Out For Jesus And Many More, If You Really Look At It, You Are Creating Internet Denominations. I Pray For The Physical Churches ( Meaning Denominations ) You Know Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Just To Name A Few, As Well As The Internet To Come Together And Be As One. We Are All Things And Everything In Christ And Together We Will Stand Forever. God Has Given Us All Light And His Glory Will Shine Through Us, But We Must Stand As One, Although Their Are Many Members In The Body, All In Which Has Different Gifts, Some Will Prophesy, Some Will Teach, Preach, Whatever The Gift, We Need Each Other, So I Said This To Say, Don't Separate Yourself, I Know You Mean Well, Because You Have A Christ Like Heart, But The Body Needs You, Not In Groups, But As A Whole. I Love You, Now Go Out And Greet Ye One Another With A Kiss Of Charity. Peace Be With You All That Are In Christ Jesus. Amen.

Prophetess Fredericka

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Comment by Anointed Sister on January 27, 2009 at 7:25pm
Amen and Amen Sister. It appears that as a "people" we are very uncomfortable being the "Body of Christ". I talk about unity in the Spirit, yet we divide into groupings every chance we get. I guess we do not desire the experience as in Acts, where they (of every tongue) were in the Upper Room and the Holy Spirit came upon them. Bless you Prophetess Fredericka

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