Breastfeeding is normal. Women have breasts to produce milk for their babies, and babies are born to be breastfed. In most of the world everyone knows this, and breastfeeding is “no big deal”.

In North America, however, and some other parts of the “developed” world...we seem to have forgotten this very simple truth. Womens' breasts have become a symbol of sex. They are used to sell everything from cars to clothes to beer....they have been deemed obscene, sexually explicit and indecent for view by some in the church. Ironic, isn't it? that in the context of sex, we are inundated with images everywhere we look of womens' breasts as commodity, but see practically no examples of them shown in the normal context of breastfeeding. Why is it?

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Comment by Scott R. Newman on April 28, 2009 at 5:41pm
Tara, yes that is where I got this topic from on Facebook. Now Facebook has banned all photo's of breastfeeding. Really it seems this is a cultural thing not a biblical one. In Islamic countries a woman would be perceived as immoral is she allows her hair to be shown as well as her ankles. I'm going to PNG (Papua New Guinea) in July and in some of those tribal areas women are walking around bare breasted and the men aren't looking at their breasts sexually at all. They view breasts as simply food for children. We in America have turned something wholesome as feeding a child the best formula for proper nourishment into something that is offensive based on our gluttonous appetite and over sexualized constant state. When I first saw my wife breast feed my daughter (my son couldn't latch on), it was a beautiful thing. First time I realized that her breasts were not just for my pleasure but for the nourishment of the child. My wife is going to be a midwife and has taught me about the benefits of breastfeeding compared to feeding your child from scientific concoctions that have very little nutrients in them. My daughter who was breast fed for over 2 years and has just turned 5 years old has never had a cold, don't think I've never heard her sneeze once, except when some pepper was introduced to her nose. And when I see another mother breast feeding her child in public and is doing so discreetly my wife and I always encourage her, cause I know she's probably receiving some unpopular stares for feeding a hungry child. A child is not just feeding on milk, but pulling from the soul of the mother. My wife calls it, "Soul to soul" a bottle has no soul and similac (cause it lacks)has less nutrients than dog food, go look it up.

So since its a cultural thing rather than a biblical thing, since man is wicked, does that mean all women should be covered from head to toe such as in Islamic societies? Are we called to engage this wicked world as light and salt to preserve the things of God or are we to be ashamed and hide in bathrooms to do something that God obviously has created for his children to be fed. What is so offensive about a mother feeding her child when the child is hungry? And isn't the breasts covered when the baby is suckling? I see more cleavage out with breast augmentation all day long, what a nice surprise for those young girls who use their breasts for sexual positioning rather than what God has intended it to be. Are we that wicked? I've asked many young girls in the last 3 years when the subject has been approached with this question, "what are your breasts for?" More than 90% never answered that they are for the feeding of a child. Know why? Cause they have never seen much a mother feeding her suckling baby.
Comment by Apostle Abel Aureli on April 28, 2009 at 4:07pm
We would need a complete Bible Study to explain the whole thing. Just as Alcoholic beverage it's not a sin, but it will become improper if someome gets scandalized, by the same reason a breast could become a reason of sexual thoughts if those around it could use it as a sexual tool! I also don't believe that it's necessary to feed your baby in front of everybody, unless you get pleasure if other peoiple will have sexual thoughts by seeying your breast uncovered. The fact that in the beginning Adam and Eve were nude, it doesn't mean that it's OK to go around nude today! God covered them and it's no wonder that as the sin abounds, we need to cover ourselves more and more as the times go by. If tomorrow a girl would get sexally aroused by seeing my big toe, I would need to cover it!!! Every married man and woman knows that a pregnant woman and a breast feeding woman are very sexually stimulated and stimulating, so let's not give everyone else a bad sexual thought about our wives!
Apostle Abel Aureli
Comment by Tara Robinson on April 28, 2009 at 3:42pm
A few months ago a woman posted on her face book page a picture of her breast feeding her baby and the whole thing was talked about on the news and said face book considered those pictures improper. My thought was now they are calling pictures of breast feeding a bad thing what ever happened to it just being a natural apart a life. It really shows Scott how far gone this world has come in there belief system it seems what is Good is said to be evil and what is Evil is said to be good. The most we can do is pray.
Comment by Minister Albert Anderson on April 28, 2009 at 3:07pm
Hello my brother, good question on the subject breast feeding. In some countries this is not stared upon as being obscene. We have to remember the mind set we have allowed to be accepted here in america, we have made it to be uncivilized, therefore we must become all things to all so we don't offend some. I agree its a natural thing to breast feed but here in america where we have adopted closure in not exposing the body parts of a woman. I know we have a confused society here in america where we parade things on TV and on the Internet. So we seem to have double standards. I myself have adopted the theory of keeping it private. I would not want my wife nor see any other brother's wife breast exposed. America is a sex craved society, this country is a long ways from accepting this as normal. I will leave you with this, if meat causes my brother to stumble, I will not eat meat. The apostle paul made that statement about his breathern being offended because they thought of eaten meat was wrong. Let us learn to walk in the love of God and keep the law without compromising Gods word.In 1Cor6v12 the apostle paul wrote, all things are lawful for me, but not all things are expedient............ (I would say to this subject, do it where it want offend.)

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