I had a very fruitful meeting with some of my key leaders tonight. There were a number of issues we discussed over a period of two hours. A little longer than I wanted it to last, but its all good. I'm learning a lot about the folks around me. Every now and then, the teacher needs to listen to those he or she is teaching in order to learn how to effectively teach them. Connections are made as we listen, learn, and love enough to keep listening.

One issue that was brought up was my teaching at home like I do when I'm on the road. Yeah, that's a legitimate request. However, another dynamic to the whole thing is the response from those on the road vs. the response of those at home. Sometimes, it can be like night and day. I have seen some situations where there's more energy and greater receptivity on the road than at home. I have heard other pastors, to include Bishop Eddie Long, comment on how a Pastor can be sort of familiar and common to his or her own congregation. Yet, I still wonder if its me or are they (the home crowd) just not receptive.

I shared how the masses may have a rather mediocre reaction from time to time, but I thank the Lord for those who make it known that they're really diggin how God is using me. You know, the old faithful, "Rev., that was for me. That was just what I needed. You musta been readin' my mail. Etc." Yup, thank God for those responses.

The bottom line is that we descend from a legacy of faithful men and women of God who were not received. Despised, rejected, and down right crucified were the prophets, apostles, and Jesus, Himself. I focus more on those who appreciate what the Lord is up to and keep moving forward. Thank God for those who are grateful and encouraging. Our labor is not in vain. Tonight was a doggone good night. A very, very fruitful meeting. We're yet making progress. To God be the glory.

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Comment by T.L. Hawkins on April 15, 2009 at 9:02am
Wow...this is so true. It's the same case even with children (Youth). Kids are usually direct so they have no problem telling me when I'm "boring" (their description of familiarity) them with the lesson (LOL). Great post.

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