Is there something wrong with the church of today? I do not know about your city, but here in Cleveland, OH, there are sex scandals, churches losing more members and more money than they are bringing in, churches being forced to close because saints believe that they are apart of the recession. Priests are laying hands, but not to deliver. Above that, priests are still maintaining their position in ministry, and I am not just referring to the Catholic church. People are steady turning away from the church, not because the building is not up to par but because the "saints" who inhabit the temple are just as messy as the church parking lot is! Yes I have done my share of dirt....Lord knows I have. But the Lord also knows that I have repented, and turned, and been TRANSFORMED!! That which is taking place in the church is not holy, nor should it be tolerated. Pastors are afraid of losing membership because along with the saints walking out the door, so does their tithes and offerings, well, at least the ones that do obey the command. What has happened to the holiness of the church? Has it really become just a word on the side of the building? The Bible declares the words of the Lord, "Be ye holy, for I am holy". We sing the song, "Lord, make me over", but do we really want to be made over, or have we become complacent and comfortable in our mess? Just a thought..........

Elder Lavelle Eagle

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