Isaiah's prophetic ministry spanned the reign of 4 kings of Judah and covered at least 40 years.

Yesha 'yaha, or Yeshaiah means "Yahweh Is Salvation".

Isaiah is known as the St. Paul of the Old Testament. He was evidently from a distinguished Jewish family. His education is quite evident in his impressive vocabulary adn style, shown in his book, Isaiah. He maintained close contact with the royal court. he was a great poet and prophet. He was uncompromising, sincere, and compassionate. His wife was a prophetess and he had at least 2 sons.

His ministry ranged from about 740-680B.C.

When Isaiah speaks about Christ, he sounds more like a New Testement writer than an Old Testament prophet. His Messianic prophecies are clearer and more explicit than in anyother Old Testament book.

He spent most of his time in Jerusalem, and talmudic tradition says his persecutors sawed him in two during the reign of Manassah (Heb. 11:37)

Isaiah: Yahweh is Salvation

Life of:

Son of Amoz: Isaiah 1:1

Prophecies during reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezikiah: Isaiah: 1:2

Comtemporary of Anos and Hosea: Hosea 1:1/Amos 1:1

Responds to prophetic call: Isaiah 6:1-13

Protest against policy of Ahaz: Isaiah 7:1-25

Gives symbolic names to his sons: Isaiah 8:1-4,18

Walks naked and barefoot: Isaiah 20:2,3

Encourages Hezekiah: II Kings 19:1-34

Warns Hezekiah of death: IIKings 20:1

Instructs Hezekiah concerning his recovery: II Kings 20:4-11

Upbraids Hezekiah for his acts: IIKings 20:12-19

Writes Uzziah's biography: IIChron. 26:22

Writes Hezekiah's biography: IIChron. 32:32

Messianic Prophecies

Christ birth: Isaiah 7:14/Matthew 1:22,23/Isaiah 11:1-9

John's coming: Isaiah 40:3/Matthew 3:3

Christ's mission: Isaiah 61:1,2/Luke 4:17-19

Christ's death: Isaiah 53:1-12/Matthew 8:17/I Peter 2:21-25

Christ as Servant: Isaiah 42:1-4/Matthew 12:17-21

Gospel invitation: Isaiah 55:1-13/Acts 13:34

Conversion of Gentiles: Isaiah 11:10/Romans 15:8-12

Other Prophecies:

Assyriah invasion: Isaiah 8:1-4

Babylon's fall: Isaiah 13:1-22

Devastation of Moab: Isaiah 16:1-14

Tyre and Sidon condemmed: Isaiah 23:1-18

Destruction of Sennacherib: Isaiah 37:14-38

Babylonian Captivity: Isaiah 39:3-7

Other features

Calls Christ Immanuel: Isaiah 7:14

Names Cyrus: Isaiah 45:1-3

Eunuch reads from: Acts 8:27,28,30

Quoted in New Testament: Romans 9:27,29

Romans 10:16,20,21: Isaiah 53:1

God would be found by people who weren't even looking for Him: Isaiah 65:1

There shall come out of Zion, a Deliverer: Romans 11:26,27

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