It Is Time For God's People To Seize The Victories Christ Has Won ( Matt 11:12)

Pastors Marc & Venus Rouse

It Is Time For God's People To Seize The Victories Christ Has Won ( Matthew 11:12) !


It is totally impossible to win a war fighting a defenive battle only, yet we as the children of God we find ourself doing it all the time.

The real reason we haven't progressed in defeating our enemy is that when the enemy comes, we put up our hands and try to defend ourselves, but to defeat satan we need an offensive strategy.

Offensivve warfare is aggressive, and in being aggressive calls for each of us to develop an attitude of action, an attitude of bold, forward movement.

Jesus put it very clearly ( in Matthew 11:12) when he said  that the "Violent " take the kingdom of heaven by force.

According to strong's Concordance, the word violent means "to seize or take hold of forcefully".

Traditionally, we have been preoccupied with teaching people how to protect themselves against the enemy.

This is necessary, But now is the the time for us not just to teach our people to protect themselves against satan, but to raise up an army to invade satan's territory.

Our Head and General, the Lord Jesus Christ, has already conquered the enemy and gained the victory, it is now up to us to boldly seize what he has conquered.

Notice Caleb's attitude when he returned from his spying expedition to the Promised Land,he did not allow satan time to come against him.

Instead, he attacked satan offensively by saying: ....." Let us go at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it" (Numbers 13:30).

His attitude was one of total, unwavering Victory, for he knew his God - and believeed His Promises, he was willing to act with boldness.

He knew that victories can only be won through offensive warfare (action), onl through offensive warfare, led by the Holy Spirit, can we stop "holding the fort" and on to become "....more than Conquerors..."(Rom 8:37 ) in our Lord Jesus Christ.


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