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Volume 6 ;issue 1 a [1st John 5;4]

To all our friends ,

Saints ,

Partners ,

and co-workers of the cross .

''[Each act of obedience shorten the distance to any miracle you are pursuing '']

ord for today by Rev Charles .

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As soon as the day dawned , then I raised my head up and knelt down , thanking God that His grace has been sufficient , both in fear , doubt , disbelief and challenges facing the world today .We are duly called to bring hope , and perhaps that hope is in us , either we have refused to release it or we are afraid of doing what God has called us to do .

When we are called into this kingdom mandate we follow the pursuit and conviction of our lord , that He gave all that we might obtain hope , righteousness and also be redeemed from the curse of the law .I listened to the man of God this morning with words that have over powered me ,so anything that affects your dream is also affecting your change .The spirit has quicken my heart to remind you that despite all that you have gone through , ''God is not yet through blessing you and He indeed is taking you into another level of breakthrough;


Beloved of the lord , I hear the sound of hope again , I hear anew revival springing up and demonstration of power a, anointing , grace to overcome and victory over all challenges .But I also see the one world system and governance taking shape , I see the collapse of many institutions , by guilt , fear , desperation or lose of vision .The war is not over .We are entering into a time of designation , positioning and taking our place .We cannot outgrow warfare , but we must learn how to fight in the war always .I remind myself of the 2corinthians 10;4 , that our weapons are not carnal , they are not against flesh , fighting against each one of us or ministry .The enemy of our lifetime is ultimately the devil , He is our accuser .Behold I have given you power and authority over all principality , rulers and spirituals wickedness .Hallelujah.

As the wind blows upon your life today , I pray that it will surely turn your circumstances abd bring anew hope into ur life .That it will rejuvenates all things and give anew direction to your life .Perhaps at this point you can think again , plan again , and ensure that God is in all .This is the season to raise your covenant with Him .

Here is the word that will usher u into anew level , ''

nd that has turned many broken hearts , many broken fellowships , and many broken marriages to newness. This is another Chance .The hour of His anointing in us is now .Where are the brethren who are saying we gonna move beyond our borders? , to make Christ known even if just one soul turns .Where are the churches who will stand in gap to make it real in all? .I pray this hour that you will see Jesus seated at the right hand side .Think about Him , what will you do today to make Him known , Are you part of the vision of His coming ? Is your heart burning with souls ?Then this is your hour .Get on the line and lift Him up , touch a soul with the gospel today .I pray that you will turn your eyes and see , what God has laid ahead , as put all things of the past behind and pursuing the very truth that raise Jesus from the dead .That made Him give His life

I see destiny of many designated and opportune at the center of their seed .


About our ministry ;https://sites.google.com/site/generationofvictory/home

GVM has been through many challenges beginning this year , with unprecedented financial short comes , backdated arrears shortage of food supply to the widows, orphans , poor shelter to the kids , poor transportation to the kids .Its has been our pain to victory .Decisions of future as well as for posterity had to be made .

Beginning last week , that was 16th of May we made a huge step into taking faith based actions , sanctioned by faith without any financial support .we moved into small house for the ministry to be able to function well .We got anew ministry house at cost of $350 a month , which was cost cut from our previous rent of $600 , We have been acting on the basis that what God can do no man can .Thank you all saints who have been on the encouragement line , prayer line , devoted with this ministry in all faces as we turn around from fear into hope of tomorrow .Please would stand with us to pay the six month rent of this mission house ?Would you love to partner with our ministry monthly?

Our ministry center is getting closer and we have already identified land where we can build the orphanage .The land is along Nairobi -Kisumu road , going almost 20km from down town .Its cost is about $6,500.This is huge step again of faith

##### focuss year 2011

Our crusade and seminars are needing prayers , volunteers , support and donations. Would join us in harvesting souls to Christ ? Would you be part of 2011 July prophetic crusade in Kisumu sports ground , Would you be willing to stand with a pastor with abycicle to help spread the gospel?Would you be a partner to place one bible per month to each of the 14 minority tribes in Kenya ?Would you willing to join our ministry as co sponsor for one child a year or month ,?or bible college pastor ?

Our needs ;#######?

If you love our fellowship and would love to make this ministry continue , please would you consider supporting this needs?

1;We are still in need of paying our mission house ,$350 times six , to enable us be able to be here .

2;Our ministry needs support to provide food and medication to our orphans , would you stand with us monthly in this kingdom work ?with every gift we will provide food , medication , water , and education to the children in crisis .Visit our website above .

3;Would you stand with us in purchasing the ministry land for orphanage ?

4;Would you support our transportation pledge , we are trusting God to buy avan for the kids .

5 Would you stand with us in our ministry child

6;Would you help us in our farming project ?

Please if you can and God is leading you or your ministry to donate , kindly click this link to get our donation information ,;

My heart and that of our ministry are humbled by you , your family .To Him who is merciful and faithful to th end .I do here by salute you with the kisses of heaven , the joy of our God to shielded in your heart and the grace of His victory be felt across your life .As you pursue the very glory that raised Him from the dead .'''What you make happensto others God will make happen to You ''


May our joy be bound together forever For Him alone .

Bless you all

From GVM members .

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