(…bringing healing to mama Africa)

DATE: 14TH – 20TH DECEMBER, 2009


Admission into the conference starts by 17:00 GMT

• Prophet Henry Peters (Nigeria)
• Pastor Bethel Nwakaku ( Nigeria)
• Evang. Emma Adimora (Nigeria)
• Evang. Iyke Oriaku (Nigerian Revivalist)
• Apostle Paul Johnson Asamoah ( Chief Host, Ghana)
• Evang. Charles Awuzie ( Convener, Nigeria)
• And other anointed men of God from Africa


• Conference meeting of all the men of God from Africa
• Healing to the land of Africa and Africans
• Salvation and deliverance
• Prophecies
• Workshops and Seminars
• Intercession session for all the countries in Africa
• A tour of Ghana

• All ministers of the gospel in Africa
• All NGO presidents and secretaries
• All leaders of Christian Students Fellowships in Africa
• Representatives from Students Union Government of All the Universities in Africa.
• Representatives from all the youth department of all churches in Africa
• Leaders of Christian forums.
Registration Fee: US$ 50:00 to cover all conference materials and a tour of Ghana
For registration enquiries, e-mail:
SMS: +233244657468, +2348033066958, +2347065137751, +233543734768
Yes! It’s time to heal Africa. A strong wind of healing is about to hit Africa. Our political systems are going to be hit by this strong wind of healing. Our Educational systems need it more. Our Economic sectors are not going to be left out. Our social systems have been waiting for this wind of healing. What about our Religious systems?
Yes! A strong wind of healing is about to hit Africa.
But why this wind of healing?
The healthy has no need of a physician but those who are sick. (Matthew 9:12)
The fact is that our Africa is sick.
Our Economic system is diagnosed with High Blood Pressure which has graduated to Ischemic stroke – we need a physician.
We need a physician in our diabetic Educational systems.
Oh! How we crave for a mental revolution. Yes! The mind of mama Africa is longing for a recreation.
Mama Africa is sick – she needs this healing.

Symptoms of mama Africa’s sickness:
• A collapsing political system
• An ever dilapidating and depressed socio-economic system
• An uncontrollable moral decadence in the name of civilization
• A weeping, cult-ridden educational system
• An unfaithful, prayer less spiritual life among the believers
• A daily increase in the number of harlots, armed robbers, fraudsters, child traffickers, drug addicts and dealers, militants, kidnappers, necromancers, hired assassins and many other acts of wickedness in the society.
• The sad statistics of African HIV patients, homeless orphans, hungry families, displaced refugees and jobless youngsters.

These and many other symptoms have posed threats to the peace and life of mama Africa.
Shall we fold our hands and see mama Africa go six feet below the ground?
Is there no need for healing?
Are there no fire-brand, Holy Ghost filled Africans capable of effecting mama Africa’s healing?
Are we not yet bored and tired of mama Africa’s saga?
It’s high time mama Africa is healed of all these diseases.

There is a TEAR IN AFRICA…
• The barren woman is crying for the fruit of the womb.
• The poor man believes God for just a meal in a day.
• The young guy in the University is asking: “Where do I go from here?”
• The pastor in my village church is tired of the tradition and fetish belief of my people.
• The bankers in my street are afraid of been kidnapped.
• The lame, blind, deaf and dump are still waiting for their miracle.
Is there no cause for revival?
Is there no need for revolution?
Is there no reason for healing?

Oh! Where are the Mosses of our time? – Let them come, let’s rescue mama Africa from an impeding devastation.
Oh! Where are the Elijahs of our time? – let them come, let’s prophecy unto mama Africa.
Oh! Where are the messiahs of our time? – let them come, let’s save mama Africa from a fast approaching socio-economic, political, educational and spiritual depression.
Yes! A strong and mighty wind of healing, revival and revolution is about to hit Africa.
Queue into this 21st century breeds of land rescuers, revivalists and revolutionalists.
Introducing It’s time to heal Africa Conference 2009…
It is a seven day land healing summit organized to halt the breakdown syndrome in the land of Africa.
It is featuring anointed men of God throughout Africa.
There shall be morning and evening sessions while the following sessions shall be allotted special time.
International music festival – All the countries represented shall display their national musical heritage.
Miracle sessions – All sorts of diseases shall be healed in this session.
Seminar sessions – the participants shall be motivated to revolutionalize Africa.
Intercession sessions – During these sessions, there shall be collective intercession for all the countries in Africa and then for Africa as a single entity.
What we need…
It’s time to heal Africa conference 2009 is costed at fifty thousand United States Dollars. (US$ 50,000).
There shall be publicity on the satellite television networks, the internet and the local media.
We need passion-driven partners from all over Africa – home or abroad.
Registration closes on 7th December, 2009.
How to Register…
Send your Bio-data to: with the subject ‘time to heal Africa’.
Only screened candidates shall be admitted into the venue of the conference.
SMS: +233244657468, +2348033066958, +2347065137751, +233543734768

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