Jesus Never Called It The Rapture-Neither Did He Train The Disciples To Call It The Rapture He Called It The 1st Resurrection

Do you remember hearing about the rapture in the 1970's? Did you know that in 1978-1979 this was a key factor in encouraging people to get saved. The book The Rapture caught my interest and yes I read the whole book also-but this time it took longer than 1 hour and 34 minutes.Smile. We were told that we would be caught away in the catch-a-way to meet him. Never did I think that this information should be questioned. It was the Pastor/Shephard and certainly they wouldn't lead me wrong. Now, in all fairness that was not what they intended. Do you remember Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against the flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places?
This is what has happened to the body of Christ. Satan and his Fallen angels are encompassed around the globe blocking-infiltrating-scrambling bits of information in the Clergy. Why you may ask? This will directly set askew our intelligence against what is true and toward what Satan likes, "A Lie." Once in a while I could see him take perfectly prepared speeches and distort them right before our eyes. Sometimes you just pass it off as the clergy is just tired until I started to see a pattern. That happens to be when I started searching the scriptures like II Timothy 2:15 states and saints I did not stop until all of the scripture was fulfilled in that passage.

Let's get to the meat of it now. The Rapture Is Not GoingTo Happen. The following scriptures will prove me out.
Firstly, if you believe that Jesus (Yeshua), was fair about all information that was shared without being classified as a parable. He stated in Matthew 24:27 is correlated with Revelations 19:11 The Heavens will be opened up just like he said but we will not be transformed out of our natural body Enoch (Genisis 6:24), was one of the few that had this pleasure-to not experience death. Jesus states in Revelations 19:14 "The armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses clothed in fine linen, white and clean. Notice that not only were they coming from Heaven but that they were once right down here on the earth going through-as the senior saints tend to put it. This same group which were martyrs for Christ Jesus or had been threatened to accept the mark of the beast-bowing down to it or the beast or the false prophet and had unequivically renounced them and stood for Christ (Revelation 20:4). These are they that have now firstly died and then were resurrected to the 3rd Heaven in the First Resurrection with the Lord Jesus. They wait there happily worshiping the Father and the Son on the throne until it is time to come back to earth to war against those 3 beings: Satan, The Beast, and The False Prophet who tries to run a coos against "The Beloved City," Jerusalem. You cannot NOT-NOT-NOT read the passages of scripture as happening simultaneously. The scriptures show Past Events and Prophetical Events sometimes jumping from one to another. I am so happy to share this with you. Jesus also lets us know in Revelation 20:4-15 about the Second Resurrection. This is composed of all others and does not take place until a thousand years are up which is the same time that Satan will be bound for a thousand years and during this time-ALSO- the first resurrection of saints that came back to war against Satan will now reign with Christ for a thousand years simultaneously.

It's simple when you place books of scripture next to each other: The First Resurrected group get's to stand with Christ in the great battle and the Second Resurrected group won't be resurrected until after the 1,000 years are up and the war of Armegeddon has been faught.
Remember when Apostle Paul talks about it in I Thessalonians 4:16 he's only reiterating what St. John was told during the revelation in the third heaven which was shared with him by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in Revelation 19:14 and Revelation 20:4. These are all the same events. There are two resurrections and no rapture.

Love You. Smile and Don't Frown We still have the Victory.
Now, Pastor Val-Val

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