I'm very upset about the false teaching I have heard on this Network, I have heard alot of so called Pastors, Prophets, Preachers, and false People use the name of the Lord in vain, Im not talking about those that use that name for truth, but those that curse that name and say that name of JESUS loosely, I'm starting to think these people are Muslims, or in some kinda cult or something, we as people of God can't let them come on BPN and disrepect our Gods name, we gotta take that same approach when somebody was talking about our momma we sho' knew how to defend momma, We gotta have a fight that saids no, don't play with that Holy name of JESUS, I rebuke every false teacher, prophet, pastor , evang, or just a person that take that name and say bad things about it,

You know the bible saids the devils trembles at the name of Jesus and demons flee when he thinks to open his mouth, for his mouth is like many waters, his mouth is a sword and in his hands he set people free all over the world and with his blood redemption came to many, Jesus beheld satan from heaven and threw him out of heaven, so lets throw theses haters of our Lord off of BPN,

May God continue to bless you and my fellow soldiers for the Lord Jesus, time to Fight!!!

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