Preachers and prophets and all the believers in Christ Jesus please take a moment to give this message to anybody and everybody that's seemingly not quite sure that God is and has always been with them.

1. When everything is just not going quite right in your life remember that God says in his word that we as believers MUST go through trials and tribulations in order to be able to glorify his name.( Meaning if everything was always all good in whatever we as humans are doing we because of our prideful humanity would say it's because of us that its all good, but when God lets some things in our life go terribly wrong,( and some of us with big heads need it to happen even worse or more than others) to the point where and if you are honest with yourself you'll admit that this is true you can only do and say one thing and that's oh my God what am i gonna do now or sometimes we just can't say anything but Jesus, notice how that situation starts to turn around or other options for dealing with the problem or situation starts to come to mind. Do yourself one favor and tell the Lord Thank you , because remember you couldn't figure it out until you called on his name.

So family when they ask how do you know that God is with you , or if they say (and I've heard this from so many young brothers and sisters ) if God is so good then why did he let this or that happen please remind them of this little revalation that we as believers had .

please feel free to leave any comments or words that you feel, and as always my brothers and sisters ,


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