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Today, I stepped out in faith and contacted thefineartstudio regarding my husband's paintings. My husband is not only a minister of the gospel but also a visual artist. We are attempting to start a website with his art along with a call to those who would be interested in coming along side us to help with the homeless ministry that's been burning in our souls for many years. After seven long years, I have stepped out in faith and have asked for some help. Now, I am asking for help from those who are called to intercession to pray that this succeeds to the glory of God.

Here is a copy of the letter I sent:

Dear Mr. Okulewicz,
Thank you so much for the much needed information on the subject of art agents. I have yet to find any that offered the types of services you described. The ones I did come across made many promises, but I fear really weren't upfront with much of what they really had to offer. If your offer is correct, 60 day free trial with no obligation at sign on then my husband and I are willing to give your organization a try, We are looking for a tangible way to sell our art that works, as successfully and as uncomplicated as possible. This tool could become invaluable to us and we may be willing to look at the gold or the platinum membership, depending on what works best for us. Since this is our first attempt at owning a website, we would appreciate all the help we can get. Chrisetta is not just in the business of promoting our art and name, but also promoting a vision plan that is bigger than ourselves. This vision consist of meeting the needs of those less fortunate then us. The website we are interested in is 1) to promote Chrisetta Art 2) to find support for a homeless ministry we are interested in starting in the near future. 3) A venue for our monthly charity auctions. This ministry’s goal is to a) Rebuild self confidence and dignity to those who find themselves on the streets through unforeseen circumstances b) Attempt to resolve the issues of what put them on the streets, IE: counseling. Help with resumes and job placement, c) Re-education and brushing up job skills. d)Working towards self-sufficiency e)Working with Federal, State and Local government agencies as needed.

There has never been a time in recent history that this type of ministry has been more needed.

Also, we would like to do an auction to benefit different charities,once a month, such as the relief effort in Dar fur, a domestic violence shelter, crisis pregnancy center, and a needy family we are attempting to help. One of Chris’ paintings will be auctioned off and all the proceeds will go to that particular charity. We did this once before, but with five pieces instead of one. During the month of September of 08, we had five different pieces for auction for five different charities. This art show was quite successful, and the mayor was even in attendance. But, for this venue, we will choose one at a time.

Attached is a copy of our business card for your review. It is our hope we can do business with your organization for the benefit of us all,


Mrs. Etta Mockenhaupt

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