KINGDOM PERSPECTIVE---CREATING AN ENVIROMENT AND PLATFORM FOR THE EXPRESSION OF KINGDOM PERSPECTIVES, CULTURE, VALUES, VIEWS, AND INSIGHTS....EYES THAT SEES... Critical to the success of our ability and capacity to navigate these wilderness midfields, is the extent to which we WERE GIVEN EYES TO SEE.HANNAH, understood this and in so doing gave up of her womb to be used as the vehicle through which the new seed or change of priesthood would emerged. EYES THAT SEE ARE ALWAYS TESTED BY EXISTING DARKNESS. But darkness only is a stumbling to those without eyes. HE WILL KEEP THEFEET OF THE SAINTS AND THE WICKED SHALL BE SILENT IN DARKNESS, FOR BY STRENGHT NO MAN SHALL PREVAILED.1 SAMUEL 2:9It is precisely this kind of season those with eyes speak with accuracy and precision; for we are too aware that existing darkness and dismantling of governmental systems are not a end bur tarter THE EMERGING OF SOMETHING NEW....A CHANGE OF PRIESTHOOD.. Note as ELIS EYES WERE BECOMING DIM AND THE LIGHT IN THE TEMPLE WAS ABOUT TO GO OUT; THAT AT THAT SAME TIME, YOUNG SAMUEL WAS HEARING A VOICE THAT HE WAS YET TO KNOW AND IDENTIFY. What strange thing that is you are hearing that refuses to go away and yet you will not embrace because you have not seen or heard before. Now more than ever before we need the description of what you see on the inside, though not the image of mantis IT NOT AT THESE DARK MOMENTS THAT THE FILM GOES THROUGH ITS PROCESS AND DEVELOPMENT OCCURS. When we are given eyes to see, the only visible image becomes CHRIST IN US THE HOPE OF GLORY... Those disciples that travelled with him to the place of change noted their experience when they were given eyes...THEY SAW NO MAN SAVE JESUS... KINGDOM EXPRESSON THEN IS THE RELEASED OF DIVINE WISDOM FOR THIS AGE AND BEYOND.

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