Learning to walk fulltime in the Spirit of a Living God.

I have been with the one who makes it all happen. Jesus is so awesome and I don't want to ever leave his presence, peace, and love. I have been struggling with this world daily, with it's evil ways, uneven scales, and I want to go home now, but I can't. It is more needful for me to stay and do the work that I have been called to do, that of the work of helps and to encourage the body of Christ. I was so long away from my writings and blogs because of what I have been shown.

Jesus said to Peter oh have I been so long with you and still you don't understand who you are. I wrote this last blog out of a heart that knows who I am and what God expects from us all, and that’s to give Him all the glory in a fight for righteousness and holiness.

All of His creations will be clean again, all pure, all holy, and all perfect. What ever happens from now on, God is in control of it all. He will only let what’s going on continue for so long before He intervenes and then it’s over. All glory for that will flow towards the Father through the Son by the Power of Gods Holy Spirit. A glorified power working through us shining God’s light in this world to God’s complete perfection unto the next.

Be blessed if you know these things. There is a kingdom being set and servants to serve in God’s kingdom, this world as we know it is going to pass away very soon and the next to be experienced.

Love Steven

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