Learning to walk fulltime in the Spirit of a Living God, Contd.

To every man a measure of faith is given and to fully receive what God has given is a way to walk in this life and in the next. To trust God is to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life and to drink the waters that feed that tree, our working faith and total trust in God. Living in this world as a human being is like a hand that does, but with a head that remains in Heaven!” To imagine God’s heaven “Emuna” is that internal beacon which always is focused on God. It’s a divine compass that always points towards home and to a loving God. It is He Who is the sole arbitrator and dispenser of our hopes and needs.

Our Father knows exactly what we need and always provides it. We may well do, but the blessing always flow from Heaven, as God sees fit. We are living in times that call for the utmost resolve. In our daily walk of faith many people are and will be bewildered by the horrific events that are coming and will surround them. Those of us in the Christian community sometimes feel inept to cope. We want to do something, anything, yet we find ourselves inadequate. God is calling us to reaffirm our internal beacon at the deepest levels, and we ask ourselves if we are up to this holy call trusting in God alone.

There are those who will march and demonstrate, while others will write letters to the powers that be. All of this is important when designated by our laws, but these are the hands and the feet. What of the heart, and the soul, or, as Jesus said, “The head”? The heart, the internal beacon knows that all things work for the good for those who love God. All good things come from God, and we must keep a diligent eye open and an open discerning hearts eye to discover what God’s Will is for us all right now.

There is that place within each of us that is vulnerable. We are God’s children, and like any child, we are sometimes frightened. We can resolve these fears only when we admit to them and work toward resolving them in God’s truth. God’s word answers all questions regarding life. His perfect Word is eternal and God has given his Word to protect his children and to answer hard questions right now. Until all of Gods Word is fulfilled will we know and understand all of His holiness, righteousness and goodness towards us.

Jesus answered every difficult question that was raised. “If it’s as you say, Jesus then we have a question. Jesus reflects after some thought and solves all of the problems. Continue to raise question, after question, of God and the Lord will continue to answer these difficulties with great insight and revelation for life right now by His Spirit.

Finally know that there are answers to every question. Surely, then, there is an answer to the question you raised concerning the Master of the universe and of all that happens. If God’s law is right, and Jesus is right, and the Fathers right - surely the Holy One, The Holy Spirit blessed is He, is also right!”

The martyrs are recorded all through out the bible and they give an account of life in opposition to the world’s view of their time. Martyrs you might say bring the truth and also a history lesson. Acts 6:8-15 like that of Stephen. Acts 7:1-60 This is the spirit of life in the heart that speaks with a beacon shinning brightly.
Rev. 19:10 Isa 3:1-26 Isa 4:1-6 Isa. 5:1-30

A Divine Voice, that says, “Woe to Me, for I have destroyed My house, burned My Temple and exiled My children.” A voice that speaks of a house in the ruins. We must listen to his answer, and listen well. God Spirit is speaking to a house in ruins but God rebuilds and creates a new. He is the creator, the great I AM.

“Now a Jew or Christian who is tormented by his afflictions thinks that he alone suffers, as if all his personal afflictions and those of all Christian domes and that of Israel do not affect God, well God forbid. Jesus our Lord and prophet said, ‘In all their troubles He was troubled,’ ‘When a person suffers, what does the Bible says? “My head is too heavy for Me; My arm is too heavy for Me.” ’ When a heart is afflicted God suffers, as it were, much more than the person does. It may be that since He, is not subject to any limitation, for which reason no conception of Him is possible in this world, therefore His sufferings for Christian dome and Israel’s troubles are also boundless. It is not merely that it would be impossible for a person to endure the experience of such great suffering, but even to conceive of His suffering, blessed be He, - to know that God, does suffer, to hear His Voice, blessed be God, saying, ‘Woe, for I have destroyed My house and exiled My children’- its impossible, because He is beyond the confines of the human comprehension.

In your heart do you hear, do you see? Precisely, because God is infinite, His suffering is infinite and beyond human conception. “The world is not gratuitous!” The rivers of tears shed by pained hearts are like a mere trickle compared to the ocean that God’s suffered over what is happening now with mankind. Jesus said it is finished and Gods suffering is finished with His words. Jesus now stands with us at every street crossing and knows our fears and desires. There is a reason that the questions Christians and Jews alike have answers to. “To know that God is to be found in His inner chambers no longer weeping, so that one who pushes in and comes close to Him by means of a living way of life with Him a way that no longer weeps together with Him but in a life of peace and joy, a life living with Him for eternity with no tears.

Only this will make the difference, for the weeping and pain a person undergoes by himself, alone, may have the effect of breaking him and bringing him down so that he becomes incapable of doing anything. But the weeping of a person does together with God, strengthens him for what that person is called of God to do. As he weeps, and is strengthened; he is broken, but finds courage to study and teach, practicing what’s given.

It’s hard to raise one’s self up, time and again, from the tribulations, but when one is determined, stretching his mind to connect with God, then he enters the inner chambers where the blessed Holy One is to be found; he weeps and wails together with Him, as it were, and finds the strength to study and serve Him in peace and joy.”

One reads God’s words with utter humility with a trusting faith knowing God’s powers and principalities assigned will be in agreement. Promises of God’s truth spoken by a heart that would die is one that would embrace all of God’s ways. This heart that had lost everything in worldly possessions, but held on tightly to family, yet a heart that speaks of a divine weeping and hope that God would connect those tears with those of His own gives strength. This is all so far beyond us, who have been raised in other times and places. Yet we find a beacon that lights the path for all generations in the truth of God’s word that He has given.

Our Bible’s asked us to unite one with God reciting specific psalms that have a unique resonance for today's problems. We understand that Psalms 83 was written when the land of our forefathers was attacked by a large number of enemies. The psalmist shows us that these attackers’ ultimate desire was not merely to destroy Israel, but to obliterate the name of God from the face of the earth.

“For behold, your enemies are in uproar, and those who hate you have lifted up their head.” One sure way of grabbing the world’s attention is by creating noise. Every time a heart has suffered it has been at the hands of loud noisemakers who have led captivate the world’s attention by creating a sense of edginess. This allows the “silent haters” to pick up their heads, and they can soon be seen jumping on the bandwagon.

“Against Your people they plot deceitfully, and they conspire against those sheltered by you.” Throughout history it has always been the same. Those who plot against us do so with deceit. Today we see those creating images that are not real, using so-called facts that have no basis. This is how evil works, through trickery and mirage.

“For they conspire together with a unanimous heart, against You they make a covenant.” It is astounding! People who have nothing in common will join together when it comes to beating down the Christians and Jews. Left, middle of the road, demagogue, democrat, it makes no difference. When it comes to us they all stand together. This is why we can ask questions of a God that will provide all the answers. There are so many facets to this hate, and evil that you ask where one could start? There is but one unifying aspect. Those who hate us do so as the ultimate rebellion against God. God hater’s evil men who follow the imagination of their wicked hearts do so in rebellion against God.

“Who said, ‘Let us inherit for ourselves the pleasant habitations of God.” They want that place, that spiritual plane that is God's and God’s alone. They think that by uprooting His children, they will be able to take this space.

“Let them be ashamed and terrified forever; and let them be humiliated and perish. Then they will know that You, Whose Name is Hashem, are alone, the Most High over all the earth.” Hashem sits on His Throne, in that most holy inner place, and He will save us. His weeping will end with His enemies’ humiliation. They will have much to be ashamed of, and most of all for the pain they caused Hashem and His children. We need to take heart now and connect with God through our service to Him. We can enter His sanctuary, share in His peace and joy then soon rejoice with the answers that will surely come by His Holy Spirit. Now is not the time to be disconnected from our God nor be blinded.

Blessings Steven

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