Let It Go It's Only Hurting You
Im talking about unforgivness,

So many people are trying to deal with hurt. They are holding on to so much ,pain,anger,and resentment. We all have a past that has brought us to the place we are today . A lot of the people that have caused us the pain are no longer alive. So why do we still give them power over our life ? I didn't know the dead carried so much power. . We .continue to harbor all these feeling and its messing us up. Do you know you cant' even get a prayer through. Its time to let it go Just as God forgive us over and over again we must do the same .(Colossians 3:13- Bearing with one another , and forgiving one another , if any one has a complaint against another;even as Christ forgave you,so you also must do.

Please say this prayer today. Father God in the name of Jesus I just I ask you to come into my heart and remove all the hurt all the pain all the resentment,all the bitterness from me. Lord I'm tired of feeling this way Lord I want to be able to Love again I want to give Love and receive Love. Lord I bind the Spirit of rejection that wouldn't allow me receive my healing. Lord I forgive them for everything they have done to me Lord I release it to you right now in the Name of Jesus I count it done. I will continue to seek you daily to hold on to my healing In the Matchless Name Of Jesus I Pray .......Amen.

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