Let Us Be Money Wise in Todays World Please

Let us be Money Wise as well as Spiritural Wise; We are in a Recession and People are loosing their homes and jobs and killing theirselves over the loos of money.
Please pull back and stay home and eat(limt the fast foods,dining out) watch regular t.v or limt cable channels(stay home dont go to the movies) Learn to save your Money. Dont lend out what you cant affor to get back!! Do not get involed in any quick get your schemes!!! you cannot get rich that way! not a good investment time unless it is CD,s only!! Stop begging for what you need and buying what you want!!!!
God is not please with foolish thinking. and God wants Us to help ourselves! Why do you pray and expect God to do it all without you doing something for yourself? The bible speaks upon that Faith without Work is Dead! let us all pull back and pull tight. If you dont have it Dont spend it. If you need it find a way to get it through work and pray. If you want it it can wait!!! Let us Grow in Everything and Everyway. It is time to save and hold on and Pray.
I have listen over the past three months of people pains and struggles and request for prayer for jobs and for the homes and for bills to be paid and food for their children it breaks my heart. Yes I will and Do Pray for every request. But for those who just buy what they want and beg for what they need I dont understand? Look around us We need more Pray We need the Lord Today. Love Annette

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