Let Your Garden Be Filled With Fruit so That Others Can Eat and Live

There is a lot of work and responsibility that goes with owning a large piece of land. Everyone can see the weeds, tall grass, and wildflowers if it is not properly maintained or cared for. What’s ironic is that these never-ending menaces do not need our permission to breed, they just do. They automatically develop because this is its function.

Do you know your function? Do you know what you have been created and designed to accomplish in life? While there may be more than one answer to this question, our personal resume of accomplishments, while noteworthy, does not exceed the importance of our faithfulness and commitment to it. Luke 12:48 says that to whom much is given much is required.

How well are you maintaining your garden of life? To maintain means to keep something in working order. A beautiful lawn or garden doesn’t just happen by chance. One must be reliable and devoted in order to enable its beautiful life to continue.

We may not be able to stop weeds and tall grass from producing, but we can surely stop them from taking root in our lives by paying attention. When we neglect to weed-eat and prune our personal life, we give place for the uncultivated character or behavior of our flesh to produce in us rotten outgrowth.

What is your land producing? Do people see the weeds, tall grass, and wildflowers in your life or do they see the wholesome fruitfulness of a well-kept garden?

Tilt your heart towards the SON!

Pastor Narda Goodson
First Lady of Whitewright, Texas
Official Website: http://anointedarrowsproductions.org\
Social Network: http://christianwomenpredestinedbygod.ning.com/

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