We live in a society that places too much stock on individual accomplishments, take Micheal Philps the Olympic Gold Medal winner. This young mans talents makes him a two legged "Flipper". [ An old T.V Show about a boy and his Dolphin friend]. His fame has made him millions of dollars and the heart throb of young teenage girls across America and the world. Unfortunately, like the rest of us who does not have his skill in the water, he is a mere mortal. He made a mistake and his image was tarnished. I've heard people call in on sports talk shows condemning this young man.

We use the term "Role Model" much to easily today. We are quick to make one a role model, because his or her name is all over the media. The true "Role Models" are the people who go about life, doing whats in front of them, not for fame or fortune, but because of love. The father that gets out of bed and goes to work with the flu, because he wants to save his sick and vacation time for a family vacation. The mother who takes a job making less money so that she can be home when her children comes home from school. The grand parents who goes to all their grand children school plays, recitals and ball games. The community of believers in Jesus Christ that pour love and attention into the lives of the young people around them. You are a role model when you can look past yourself and see what can you do to help others. No matter if they are in your family or passing through for a season.

We look at the heroes of the bible who had human failings, but where used by God any way such as: Moses who murdered an Egyptian task master; King David who had a man killed to hide an adultrious affair; the Woman at the Well who lived with many men who weren't her husband and the women caught in fornication. All these people had committed sin of one kind or another, but they admitted their mistakes, repented and moved on in their life with God.

Moses led the Children of Israel out of capitivity. King David who united the twelve tribes and defended them from her enemies as well as being a Psalmist and Worship Leader. The Woman at the Well, who was the first woman evangelist she ran through the town, saying come see a man that can change your life. The woman caught in the act of fornication, who was considered trash by her community, restored by the love of Jesus.

What makes a Role Model for me is a person who went through something came out on the other side and can give God the glory for it. For we serve a God who is in the restoration business. Let's Don't Get It Twisted, we don't need any more idols. Min.Ron Richardson

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