I am using the "Billy Grahams Christian Workers Handbook" as a source for the Prayer Support Ministry I started in my Church. The book is absolutely fantastic, and contains diamonds and gold nuggets througout the book.

Yet there is one error I did notice in the last chapter of the book, in the section of "A Comparison Of Christianity With Major Religions And Cults."

First error was to generalize the religions into one body of understanding. There are many different sects to all religions, and many differ in beliefs, practices and teachings. No one can say that Christians believe in full submersion water Baptism. This is not possible nor correct, because some do and some do not.

You said that Muslims put the prophet Mohammed above Jesus. ABSOLUTELY not true at all. Muslims who sincerely follow their religion by reading the Bible and the Q'uran, will tell you that Jesus was above all, who God sent. They will also tell you that the Five Pillars is not necessary. Ask a Sudanese Sunni and you will get different views swaying left or right.

The main separation from true following Muslims and Christians is that they are holding to OT practices of honoring the 1st Commandment. So for them to call Jesus, God, would be blasphemy and eternal damnation. Many of them are trying to do what is right by holding true to God's commandments. Are they that disimilar from the major Jewish oulook on Jesus? Instead of them asking the Holy Spirit for the understanding of the scripture in John 5:23. "That all may honor the Son just as they honor the Father. He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father, who sent him."

They also consistently pray, fast, study, tithe and hold Holy the Sabbath day more than the average Christian. They dress traditionally without letting secular ways change them. You wont find Rock music in any Mosque.

We all have our pro's & con's, our vices, issues and problems. That section of your book leaned a bit toward judging others more so than pointing out similarities and differences. This is why we should pray for the return of God's lost sheep and their understanding of God's Word, instead of alienating them with differences or comparisons. I believe God left judgement up to Jesus in the book of Revelations. So when I hear or read what another man has written, I eat the meat and spit out the bones.

Thank you and may Abba Father bless your ministry to glorify His name and our Savior Jesus Christ.

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