Life... One long song. Ever dream a dream that only music can tell. Only lyrics can relay. Ever been at a place that you fell like your floating, just you, your music and dreams. Dreams.... Life is One big dream with a sense of reality, the reality you create.

Wish I could just do a song and as I write that dream becomes a reality... Every note, every bar, every lyric... And what doesn't fit you can just take out. What sounds off you can fix with a minor tweak... something where when you hear it you can see it... Music... The waves of Life...I feel it, breath it, live it... Every move, a precise beat, timed to perfection. Nothing can be off because if it is, the song wouldn't be or sound right.

Every moment has it's own tempo... Soft ballads, are what dreams are made of... Where you can just close your eyes and in a instant be there... In a moment... just breath.... and there you are open fields... sun shining, fresh lavender fields... and your there happy. Every note like a gentle breeze... The rhythm of the drum beats as your heart on the upbeat anticipating the down beat so it can rise again.Then you realize, I can do this for ever... Painting my life's journey in music. Whatever, whenever, just create it and it's there...

For every down beat there's always an upbeat...

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