(Isaiah 58:13-14)

Something strange is taking place. There is a move that was not there before. How can we delight ourselves in a time where there is so much pain? How can God help us delight ourselves when there are so many setbacks? It is found in the mindset that we now possess. We’re not living to serve God not just on His Holy day but we have transformed our praise and our worship to everyday of our lives. That we now have that fellowship with Him twenty four and seven, meaning we’re in communion with Him everyday. Because of this, God is telling us that He will take us higher and give us the means us riding or living higher than our situations. Keeping us from being destroyed by the issues of this world, with that, stay in the presence of God and He will take us all higher. That He will keep a fresh word in your spirit and causing us all to rise and never to fall. Stay in His presence and see just how much God will do for you.

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