Psalms 17:5-8

In reading this passage I discovered that we are our own enemy at times.

In Hebrew the word hide means to cover

But it’s only by the goodness of Jesus that He hides us under the shadows of His wings to keep us from aborting our destiny or killing the promise of God in which He impregnated us with.

Now you have to understand, at this time David is running from Saul and has ask God to:
1. Uphold his steps---- I don’t want to mess up
2. Incline his ears------ I’m calling on you God
3. Show His loving-kindness by His right hand---- power
4. Save him----- from Saul
5. Keep him----- from doing harm
6. Hide him----- from himself

He’s not asking God to do this because he was afraid of Saul.

Now Saul tried to killed David 21 times

David said God if you don’t hide me from me I’m going to hurt this man.

David was saying for the sake of my destiny I’ll humble myself and let you work on my behalf.

The reason why we are still in our mess and God has allowed it to be so.
It’s because we insist on fixing it ourselves.

Listen God don’t need our help he has been fixing problems long before we came along.
David knew he was capable of doing Saul great harm.

The bible says that David cut a piece of garment off of Saul to let him know that I do have the power, courage and the passion to kill you.

But David understood order, by killing Saul he would post pond the perfect will of God.

A lot of us have post pond our miracle by getting ahead of God and killing off our enemy.

What I mean by killing,
Instead of talking about them and running them away from the church, the Bible says to pray for them which despitefully use you and persecute you..

I believe that God will leave certain people in your life for a season to be that force to bring you to a place in prayer.

Tell God:

a lot of you here today if God didn’t cover you at times you’ll find yourself back at home plate.

In the mist of the message I discovered that because of all of our past hurts and disappointments we can be our worst enemy.

What we need is the covering of the Lord to finish his work in us however long it will take to process us.

And He’s yet still working

But God the coverer of all our faults
Steps in so our faults won’t destroy us

Tell God:


By Crystal Lee

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Comment by J Parker Scott on August 14, 2009 at 3:35am
Wow, I love this word!

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