Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!


My name is Nelson Anwer Gill resident of Bahar Colony KotLakh Pat Lahore. I accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior 1979. It was the result of the association with Brother Outtar Singh from Canada and Sister Gulshan Aster from Faisalabad, Pakistan. I accepted Christ as my personal Savior while I was serving the Lord in their fellowship conducting crusades and conventions in home cell meetings. These are the people who brought me before the Lord and through them Lord open my Spiritual eyes. I was baptized with water and after two years after my conviction and then baptized with Holy Spirit in 1980. As a result of Holy Spirit baptism, God has blessed me with speaking in other tongues. I started serving my Lord savior from Karachi in the capacity of as healing evangelist at different places through arranged home cell meetings with different Churches. Personally, I had fellowship with Universal Gospel Assemblies Karachi. In 1990 I was migrated to Lahore with my Family and started ministering Lord in different cities and villages of Punjab. On 10th December 1993, I married with Rubina Karamat also a committed Christian who loves the Lord dearly. Lord blessed me with 5 Children. Out of these five kids four are blessed with the Holy Baptism and know they are part of my ministry. There ages are Shumaiha (Daughter 15), Yesroon (Son 13), Zamar (Son 12), and Samantha (Daughter 11) and Menaham (Son 2). On 2nd May 2001, I was ordained as a pastor by Bishop Alex Tana of “Rivers of joy Ministries” of England.

Global Gospel Ministries Lahore Pakistan (GGMP) has expended its work to all the four provinces of Pakistan. Many seminars, Healing Crusades and Conferences were carried out during all this time. In these healing crusades the Lord has shown his Presence through many miracles like blind got the sight, deaf started



Listening and a lady who was thought dead the Lord brought her back to life again. Hallelujah! This all the grace of the Lord upon those who trust in Him. Up till now almost 4000 people are been baptized in the name of The FATHER THE SON AND THE HOLY SIPIT- AMEN. In this number there are people who have been baptized with water and good number is been touched and baptized by the holy spirit during the healing crusades and pray meetings. Recently we have registered our ministry with the government of Punjab, Lahore under the name and Title as Global Gospel Ministries of Pakistan (GGMP) with the registrar, joint Stock Companies, Lahore Districts under Section 4 of Societies Act 1860.



  1. 1.    Healing Evangelism

In the beginning of the Lord’s service, He used me as a healing evangelist at different places and many souls were touched by the healing hand of the Master and delivered from afflicting demons.

Area of Ministry

a)     Programs organized by YCCP (Young Christian Council of Pakistan) at U.P church Raja Bazar Rawalpindi (Program in charge Ronald Perviaz).

b)     Sialkot healing crusade organized by local united churches (program in charged, Pastor A.M Bhatti and Pastor Shoukat Mashi).

c)      Healing meeting arranged at different places by local people belonged to these places like Muridkay city, and Muridkay village, pasroor, village dillykay city (coordinated with Sr. Gulshan Aster and peter metonay from Nigeria and David Bon from USA).

d)     Revival meetings held at St. Philips Church Hyderabad Christ church Mirpur Khas, and Karachi and within Sindh province.



  1. 2.     Pastoral Ministry

In the beginning pastoral ministry was started as a home cell meeting but with the passage of time, the number of people started growing and we started our first church meeting in 1991. We decided to have Holy Communion meetings on first Sunday of every month. We also decided to have water baptism meetings for new believers on every last Sunday of the month. We are still continuing this practice. During pastoral ministry, Lord trained is for the spiritual warfare and to teach them those who are called for His Kingdom and His service in Christ and dedicated them for the church growth in spiritual gifts. Through our ministry Lord blessed many believers to serve the Lord for new plantation of the church bodies in different areas.

  1. 3.     Leadership Ministry

In this area Lord use me with the mighty hand of the Master among those who are already in the service of the Lord for the betterment of those servants of the Lord who needs the deeper healing touch for the new changes in the ministry believers to move with new spiritual attitude and for the holistic view of preaching the Word of God. By this practice a spiritual self check was enhanced and introduced among believers.


  1. 4.     Ministry among Youngsters

By the Grace of our God, He used me among many youngsters who were affiliated with different churches and were serving the Lord interested in choir practices and engaged in different managerial church service like arranging sound system. Rhythm playing, musical activities ad having fellowship with other youngsters. But they were not serving the Lord in true Spirit because they were lacking in the awareness of true Word of God with welcoming songs, worship spirit and praising heights.

After completing my potion of preaching and church service, I usually meet those youngsters and started communicating and encouraging them for the





Wonderful initiative. In that time I use to teach them how to become more effective in the Lord with His powerful word saying, “Therefore shall be the strong people glorify thee, the city of terrible nations shall fear thee”. (Isaiah 25:3).

Normally I stated the explanation of above mentioned verse and lead them to the deeper understanding of spiritual warfare, healing, changing in life and a personal responsibility in the church body concerning personal life, church life and the family life.

  1. 5.     Ministry amongst Gentiles

Glory to the Lord for His Grace and mercy upon nations of the world. Nations called for the salvation and everlasting life. Narration of my special calling commenced with the life of my spiritual teachers who served the Lord with powerful preaching and miraculous ministry. Lord used them by laying hand on me, anointing and imparting gifts of the Holy Spirit for His glorious responsibility since 1987, Lord is using me among Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and people from other different religious in the areas of Sindh and Punjab Provinces of Pakistan, Azad Kashmir and Afghanistan.

Ministry to God

Global Gospel Ministries believers that God distends us and appointed us in Christ “to live for the praise of His Glory” (Eh 1:1) and worship in the church is not with reference to our Lord. And we are not be making the most of the time, with a command to be filled with a spirit and then to be “singing and making melody to the Lord with all our heart”. (Eph 5:16-19).

Ministry to Believers

Global Gospel Ministries feel obligated to nurture those who are already   believers and in building them up to maturity in faith. Global Gospel Ministries goal is in the initial saving faith but must be to present to God every Christian “mature in Christ” (Col 1:28).



Ministry to the World

Global Gospel Ministries is of the convict that the evangelistic work of declaring the Gospel is our ministry toward the world. Yet accompanying the work of evangelism is also a ministry if mercy, a ministry that includes caring for the poor and needy in the Name of the Lord.


I want to serve Him in prison area. Especially among those people who are waiting for the execution of death sentence upon them. According to Isaiah 61:1.

  1. To illuminate lives of such prisoners with the God News of Jesus who have received death sentence butt in order to affirm that there is another side of lives that is eternal and has no end. But the condition is that commit their present lives to the Savior of the world.
  2. To introduce non-formal education system within prisoner. As punishments are reduced by government on educational basis.
  3. Follow ups for all how received healing and liberation.
  4. Deeper fellowship among young people.
  5. Pastoral care and consoling for new believers
  6. Economic development and women empowerment.
  7. Evangelism among professional especially nurses and paramedics.
  8. Leadership training seminars.
  9. Spiritual growth seminars.
  10. 10.  Happy family life seminars.
  11. 11.  Evangelism among teenagers.
  12. 12.  Get to gather for retired and elderly people.
  13. 13.  Child evangelism.  

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