Missing Our blessing Trying To Fix, What God Has Already Fixed

Missing our blessing trying to fix, what God has already fixed
The wounds are healed, we be become stagnant.
God want us to keep moving. We spend too much time, fixing ourselves on the outside, making sure your hair is done, you have on the best suit, driving the best car, that’s not what God fixed.
He fixed you on the inside. Your inside should reflect your outside without a lot of work.
There people crying wanting to know, that they too can survive, and we have failed to convey the goodness of our God.
Sometimes we miss our blessing because we forget our purpose.
If you were homeless, loss a child, sexual abuse, domestic violence, drug addict, alcoholic, whatever God has delivered you from, you should be glorifying the goodness of God, by sharing your story, to give God the glory.
We walk around, and look down on others, when one time in your life you were there, God lifted you up.
God saw a purpose in you, he fixed you to show others that he is able.
God fixed me and I thank God everyday for choosing me to go through the journey of homelessness, sexual abuse, domestic violence, loss of a child, benign breast tumor.
I am not ashamed I am thankful. I want to be a reflection of the light that God has shined on me.
When my son was murdered, God fixed my broken heart. I never thought I could be fixed, I never thought I would praise his name, I serve a great God.

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