God Bless you, my Sisters and Brothers and joint heirs of the thrown. I am praying that as many are able will answer this call for help.. Gospel Net International, is looking for saved Sisters and Brothers to join us in Mission. We are in the process of planning a Missions trip to Ghana West Africa, that will take place in December, and Saints we need the backing of our Sisters and Brothers like never before, you can help us in so many ways, 1. Join the Mission, come with us.We are in need of Ministers, Missionaries, Doctors, Nurses, Mid wives, Nurses Aides, Dentists, Dental Assistants, Contractors, Carpenters, basically any thing the Good Lord has blessed you to be talented at, we need, you if you can not go thats ok, we can use, donations monetary and otherwise, semstress, goods, and supplies.
We really want to win as many souls to Christ as we possibly can. and when people who are living in a destitute land see people who are so blessed, take the time to demonstrate to them what the love of Christ is, and you all know him as so many things a Doctor, Healer, Provider, Way Maker, Delieverer, Peace Maker, Father, Savior and so much more
and we are his ambassadors, so on behalf of Gospel Net International I want to thank you all in advance and I'm so excieted to see what the Lord is getting ready to do in all of our lives,
Love your Sis,,,, Brandy Mmanabor

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