Molested; A journey of torment for many men, and women.

This was written a number of years ago...I hope it helps someone deal with the inherent healing within......

Forgiveness is the longest of the wilderness journeys...IMHO

UNSPEAKABLE an excerpt from the "Cork in the Bottle"Chapter Ten

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A journey of torment for many men, and women.
If this relates to you, or even someone you love.
This is and can be an issue of deep regrets and even, not so hidden pain.

Perhaps the memories have been blocked over the years, blocked for a long, long time, never the less, they are not healed, perhaps today this cork of pain will be allowed to break from the stranglehold on your heart.
This may be a cork of pain you have sealed in allowing a past hurt from a family member, a brother, sister, friend, relative.
Yes, it is time to release this unclean memory into a cleansing stream of Calvary’s blood flow.
Again as with other issues discussed beforehand this decision is totally up to you.
Cleansing stream of G-d's forgiveness or continue in hidden bitterness, underneath the seemingly calm appearance the underlying ripples of anger unseen to the un-trained eye.
However, those with the discernment of the Holy Spirit see way beneath the calm of your facade and continually say Release, Release, and Release.
I ponder of how many men, as well as women, has a hidden memory of shame, of a mistake, or a spontaneous moment that has eaten at them unknowingly?
Would it be possible to only remember that you may have been the victim?
Search your soul, straighten once again your shoulders, forgive yourself, for the perpetrator long ago forgot his victim perhaps it is time to bring an air of justification of who you are in Christ FORGIVEN: lay it open if this stigma has held you back we say release this day.

What follows, is testimony of one persons heart.
From a person who felt this defilement, however through the writing of this found healing Refuah the Release in her own words....

“I always wondered if I would ever tell the story, how people both inside and outside my family let me down and I don't mean the people who were suppose to guard my safety and well being...they couldn't have known. I mean really, the people who offended my body were trusted people, how was anyone really suppose to know? They did not talk about it or give it a voice. How are you suppose to tell a child of five that something that feels good is very bad, especially that.
My first encounter was at age five with a female cousin, I do not even remember how it began but that it continued until she left at the end of that summer. Over the years nothing was ever said, no apology... nothing.
The second time was by two boys on my way home from school. This time I actually fought them off I think I was about seven years old. I ran to a local store where a very nice man called the police for me and a cop took me home. My mother for whatever reason was not very pleased that a cop escorted me home or that I was attacked by two boys, when the cop left I promptly got the crap beat out of me and punished for two weeks for my troubles. I am sure, this was my defining moment, I could never trust a grown up to defend me, so either I do nothing, or I fight my own battles. I am on my own.... at seven.
The third time was by my mother’s neighbors, I was afraid but I endured it, got up, brushed myself off and never said anything to anyone... I mean really...why should I. The past proved to me that it was not going to help at all, I was eight.
Here is where I had some sort of calm, from ages nine thru twelve. Thank God.... I had my Grandmother and horses to thank for that...My Grandmother were my strength, and my teacher. She had me off and on every year of my life until I was thirteen was only when I was with her that I felt truly safe. My mother could not give me that.
Age thirteen hit with a vengeance maybe it was a culmination of things or I just wanted to rebel, who could really blame me. I was back with the Bain of my existence full mother.
Her lack of love and caring in my eyes did not garner my respect I never could figure her out.

I mean she never said she loved me, she beat me at the drop of a hat, so really, and why should I stick around.
It was at thirteen I ran away, (after two weeks on the run) I ended up, courtesy of my godmother at my oldest brothers house.... Really wasn't a good idea, she didn’t know that though. My own brother threatened me and then proceeded to molest me.
It was 3 days into a nightmare that I finally kicked myself for thinking I was nobody and fought my way out of darkness.
What did I do you ask.... nothing. I just walked away, but truthfully... as strong as you think you are, you really can never fully walk away from this.

My Grandmother would always say "Never air your dirty linen in public" so I never did until now, I am a strong woman, I don’t need to have someone pick my life apart and tell me how scarred I am, so I never went to a therapist.
Am I saying to follow my lead? Absolutely not!
Everyone is different and deals with situations differently. My advice, you should see a therapist or your pastor or someone who will listen without judgment who will help you to understand that it isn’t your fault, that these people are sick and need help themselves...
My advice would be to’s never too early to talk to your kids.

If children are made aware of this threat, we can help to wipe molestation out... I mean think about this...lets pretend for a moment I am your child.
Would you want to hear these words come out of your Childs mouth at forty...telling the general public that at age seven they couldn’t even trust their parents? Alternatively, couldn’t tell their parents about this?
We are a nation who has labeled sex a sin. Why? Its not. If you take it, out of the closet it’s no longer taboo or viewed as a perversion (which by the way is the one thing that turns these offenders on!) I mean really if you tell a child no, what is the first thing they do? They turn around and do it anyway! Same thing with a young adult (18-35 age group the biggest offenders of this silent crime) you say its not proper to speak to a child about the act of sex, that they are too young for that...really? In addition, at age five I wanted my innocence taken from me like that.
I would have preferred to "HEAR" the words than to experience the ugliness of molestation.”

Healing begins with the confession of the Heart... sometimes easier said than done.
Perhaps to complete this for you>>> get alone, write out the list, hang that on the killing stake ...Speak Forgiveness to the living or dead and then burn that list on the BBQ Grill, shed one last tear, kick that out of your memory ......will it help?...only time will answer that only time~~~SELAH"

"Out of the Abundance of the heart the mouth speaks"..
Luke 6:45
The upright (honorable, intrinsically good) man out of the good treasure [stored] in his heart produces what is upright (honorable and intrinsically good), and the evil man out of the evil storehouse brings forth that which is depraved (wicked and intrinsically evil); for out of the abundance (overflow) of the heart his mouth speaks.
{{This referenced teaching above relates to the Evil inclination within..or as the Sages of Israel call it the Yetzer Harah.}}

Paul the Apostle wrote an uplifting word for us to ponder.
Think on these things
Philippians 4:8
Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Let the Healing Begin.

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Rose ToDah

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Do a friend a favor and tell them today....

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