So why am I so excited today?!! I just got out of jail last night!! HOW FUN?!

I know many are looking at this blog (if you have not closed it already) like is she being crazy, sarcastic or even many of you will do deeper and think what I am about to post has something to do a spiritual bondage. Wrong again!
I was literally in jail last night!

So let me tell you the story. (Of course I think it's the most hilarious thing). So one morning I was due to be on duty as the Pastor's Assistant (it rotates every Sunday). Now this situation is quite different because Just weeks before I moved out of his house (long story)(AND NO THERE WAS NO TYPE OF RELATIONSHIP EXCEPT BEING MY FATHER!!)(HE IS MARRIED WITH KIDS AND HIM AND HIS WIFE WERE MY PARENTS FOR THE TIME BEING). So as a father , and a mother (wife), Expected me to be on time. I am normally a late person (CONFESS YO SINS) so 10-15 minutes late is on time for me. Pause: Let me clear the air! I know we all are stuck on this thing where how can you be late to church and not anywhere else. TRUTH IS: I am late to doctor appts, work (2 hours late once), school (I would get to school around 11 or 12 although school started at 8:25), I was even late going to get my driver's license. Just had to clear the air, but Time is not on my side.

So back to the story:

So yea, I was late for church although it was only ten minutes down the street. I didn't leave the house until 9:00 and church starts at 8:00. So usually when I am late I rush and I have a heavy foot, so I was speeding. I saw the police, I knew he got me so I pulled over before he got the chance to shine his lil lights. He came and told me I was doing 25 over speed limit. He gave me the ticket with a MUST APPEAR IN COURT at the bottom. I'm looking at it like MAYAANNN! So okay a month later I went to court, explained to the judge why I can't loose my license, and he didn't care. Of course he was just doing his job. So I was on a 6 months suspension. This is month 4 of my suspension. I felt as though if I drive, just to be careful. So of course I did, but needless to say, I was pulled over for an expired tag. My car wouldn't pass the emissions test so I can't get a tag.

Loosing my license, caused a lot to happen.

-I lost my job

- I lost my home

- I lost my church home (Although my season there was WAAYYY up!)

- I lost my girls (I am a mentor)

- I was not able to go to college (But this has more than one reason)

Okay so in the midst of going through this all, my father turns himself into jail. (He has always been the source of income for my entire family...cousins and all).

NEEDLESS TO SAY I GET MY DRIVING FROM HIM! (No I did not grow up in a "spiritual home" It was hell bound! lol But somehow I came out and surrendered my life to the father.)

So just before my mother was about to pitch in and help her accounts were frozen because of him being in jail. (Still married)

So she had to move back home with her mother and I moved in with two roommates. Why didn't I just move in with my mom? Well my grandfather smokes and I have asthma. When I am around it everything gets clogged up and I can't breathe. I can stand it for a minute, But the whole house smells like smoke so it all bothers me. So I moved over an hour and a half away, just to try to get to a bus line. (there were no buses where I lived). So that one speeding ticket altered my entire life. But I was some how more happy when I lost everything. (PICTURE THAT!)

Okay so with the economy being as jacked up as it is, no one was hiring at the time, but my old job was ready to take me back in a heartbeat. So I promised I would figure out a way to come back for the holidays and I did. I got my car and had someone else drive it. So I was able to go back to work.

Okay so now you got the background that leads up to this point. I was caught driving yesterday and I was out in hand-cuffs and taken away by the police officer. I felt like I murdered someone. So when I got to the jail, all of these men where banging on the window, because they have not seen a woman in months. I felt like a slice of pork bacon walking down that hall as the dogs where starving to get to me. So I got to my intake cell and heard the most horrible stories. Women in there from domestic violence. They fought back when the husband was beating them with hammers and causing all the teeth to fall out. Horrible both had kids. The other two in my cell were there for shoplifting, one with lighters (she claims by accident), and the other was just guilty by association. I mean they are in there crying and, what about my kids and, what's going to happen to me.... and so on. I smiled, and thought to myself if they knew what I knew.....My daddy is still on the throne. I was in there for 9 hours before I was able to post bail. I saw the officers taking these men away in chians wrapped around the waist and ankles. Just a horribles sight. I was going to get me something to eat right before I was pulled over. So it was like 11:00 pm now and I am starving forreal. They would not feed me. So I'm thinking all of this for one speeding ticket trying to make it church. Did you know people with DUI get off better than speeding? How screwed up is that. (I did my research).

So why am I so happy? Because I am under attack! Well how is that under attack if you were wrong Jasmine? Just wait and see....

You can choose to be mad, and depressed about a situation or you can choose to be happy, either way it happened.

I choose life and happiness! Something bout to break loose in my life. I am under attack one way or another.




live, learn, laugh and WORSHIP!

(this blog was oringinally posted on myspace. The feedback has been phenominal...check out some of the comments)

Sonja- a spiritual life coach, writer and speaker responds:

First let me thank God!! Girl your are an extraordinary woman. 2 Kudos isn't enough for this. This is an awesome testimony. Satan is mad..hahahah devil you lose again. Now anyone who is a "saint" would have hid behind the mask, letting the enemy keep them in bondage in the form of guilt, shame, etc. But you put it out there. I enjoyed reading every moment of it, I felt like I was reading a novel, I could visualize it all. Thanks so much for sharing Mighty Warrior and yes God has some blessings coming your way.
Love ya!


And I responded :

LOL! Girl I ain't scared! I want people to see my stuggle on my way to the top. Save me some writing in all the books and movies to come....lol! When ain't nobody talking bad about ya, then you doing something wrong! On the serious note, I can't really explain why this whole thing is just hilarious to me. I take that back, yes I do. The devil thought he had me. I was 30 minutes away from going down in to the general jail population. They were about to hand me the blue suit with INMATE on the back! I got discouraged for all of 2 seconds, and told the devil (if I may be REAL just for a moment) YOU DON'T KNOW WHO THE HELL YOU MESSING WITH!!! That's what came out my mouth. I was pissed like it was some negro on the street messing with me! I had to just chuckle, cause all the people were just walking around like they own something. I just had this Paris Hilton look on my face....like yea my daddy owns all of this! LOL.
My generation today have just had it with all of these ppl that won't just be open and tell it like it is. What about the ones stuck in jail, the ones stuck in domestic violence, the ones that only know how to sell drugs to make end meet for mama---cause daddy walked out.....
Stop hiding behind all this religion!

Girl I'm on fire now, let me stop! Better yet, that's another BLOG!

Love ya! Thanks for reading! Stay Tuned! :0)

Angels of Praise Productions INC, Responded:

Jasmine, this is an awesome testimony; you should share this with every young person and anyone who wants to go to th pitted party. God will always test us and in form of another and its not about how we can over, its about what we learned when we come over and always remembering that He is our keeper. Continue to grow in Christ and allow Him to anoint you and use you as vessel.

Sunshyne Responded:

This is why I am glad God connected us my sister! Ministry is everywhere! We have to use our mishaps and gladly make them become our outreach opportunities! A clear picture of what the enemy meant for bad God uses it for our good! In all things God still gets the glory!!!! My sister you are my young inspiration....thank you soooo much!!!

live, learn, laugh, and WORSHIP

Prophet Brian Lewis responded:

I write you prophetic and declare that this blog WILL change MANY lives. Amen sister God says to tell you to continue to pursue him. Love Ya Prophet Lewis

Dance Minister responded:
Jasmine....I am on a spiritual high....Reading this story, my God, Im here laughing but its just so funny how the enemy works on Gods Children. Satan really thinks that he can have us bound and get us to the point where we just forget who OUR Heavenly Father is. Like he must not know how poweful God is. Nevertheless, I thank God for you, your anointing, your life, your testimony, etc, because what you went through ( not the jail part) is kind of similar to my life story, a part of it, and for you to stay strong and keep praising and worshipping God, is awesome.
God bless you!

Love Always,
~Spiritual Domination~

Mrs.Divvva responded:

Gurl I feel ya'....You are right in position to recieve your miracle cause you got it now... what i mean by that u r now walking out the word as if u not only believe it 2 b true but you trust that it is....u r going thru these light afflictions as if u KNOW who ur daddy is... and thats what God wants from us is 2 trust him and 2 stop running from the devil & run 2 him & ask him "what's next cause that little test that u thought that u did..but my daddy only allowed...I made it thru- that & I aint scared of u cause i have read the end of the book and I know I win..so whats next???"and it's only when we can get 2 that point and laugh in the devils face thats when we get our diploma in that area cause we finally past the test...just get prepared 4 the next one and know that the same God who brought u outta that 1 is able 2 bring u outta whatever eles because it is only a test... and only a soveriegn God could allow it...so Go thru it like u know u got the victory God bless u woman of God and keep on doin' what u doin (except lightn up on the pedal..lol) God bless u and may he restore unto u EVERYTHING that the cankerworm & locust ate up & give it back 2 u pressed down shake 2gether & runnin over!!!!

Prophetess Judi responded:


I read your blog - when your under attack is only because the enemy is using anything and everything to reroute you. The the Lord has Blessed you above and beyond many - your gifts come out under an attack. Now, I want you to know something - I prayed for you - I rebuke all that comes towards my sister oh God, I rebuke negative things that come toward her. Oh God, We send all that come toward her back 100 fold - We give her to you oh God. May the Blood of Jesus Cover her no matter what situtation she may be in. In the Name of Jesus. AMEN.

My sister - God is just getting you ready for what is to come. Prophet in Training for a much bigger assignment for God's Kingdom. AMEN!

Love in Him,


My dear friends, you can say what you want about it! I still choose life!

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Comment by The Prophetic Dancer on May 29, 2009 at 12:20am
....wait I guess I was not finished with the whole depression issue.

Now because I put myself in the situation to go to jail...I -ME- JAS opened up the gateway of the mind for depression. Not only that...had I chose depression it would have also opened the door for the spirits of all of the other women I was sitting in cell with. I mentioned how depression never comes alone. I also mentioned how it could cause a spiritual abortion. I want to take that point a little deeper.
Now as I sat in the intake cell, the war on the battlefield that was taking place in my mind was that if I chose to accept depression then would have come the thoughts of feeling like I am nothing. It would have made me sleep all day and night-- ABORTING what I should have been doing such as ministering to people. People whom may have been on the verge of suicide that I was assigned to go in and minister the messege of our faithful God. NO I am not saying I was supposed to save them, but my assignment to them could jeopardize things and delay things in their lives. Had I chose depression I would have made others depressed. How is that?? Because sometimes in the early stages of depression we are still able to minister...but our ministry is not effective...in fact what would have happend was...had I gone out to minister at this church (note: a familiar spirit can recongnize itself) my familiar spirits (remember depression never comes alone) without my consent would have gone and awaken other familiar spirits in the building of the church. And now the atmosphere can be shifted from the spiritual to the natural. So lets say I began to minister through dance...and what appears to be a breakthrough is just an emotional- depression spirit screaming out enjoying itself and making it all seem to be a mighty move of God. _----I hope you are following me---(in the spirit)----
Okay, lets say I was to lay hands on someone...by the fact that my spirit is not pure and has not been consecrated...when I touch someone my spirit of depression can now transfer to them, not only that but the spirits from the other women in my cell has transferred. (SIDENOTE- DON'T LET JUST ANY OLE BODY LAY HANDS ON YOU!!!) . And we know depression is a strong emotional sprit so, lets say that person begins to cry and by tradition and the religious spirits that some churches allow to dwell in the house and that most "church folk" have dwelling in the battlefield of their mind........ that person has now fallen to the floor (appearing to be slain in the spirit). Oh by the way just to let you all know Demons scream and shout too...lol. They are pretty good at imitation.

Okay so people in the congregation have seen in their natural eye that this person is now "slain" ...now everybody wants to come up and be "slain". It's almost like passing around a STD.....so now I could have been laying hands on everybody in the church either giving them the spirit of depression + some or strengthening theirs. And not only that....I have now birthed out the spirit of Deception!!!

So instead of my original purpose (Im not bragging about nothing TRUST ME, im just little ole jasmine!!) which is to go in and bind up the strongman, by the oil in my hands..decree healing and by the fire in my feet... declare deliverance, and by my shadows breaking the chains and by my travail destroying the yokes and by the power I have been given... to cast out demons and by my swagga(lol, thanks Pastor Landers)... trample over serpants and scorpions. People of God is this not what is required of us....snap snap we are behind schedule darlings. So instead of my orginal purpose and plan and assignment from the Father God...
had I chosen depression +some, I just unknowingly signed the contract with the kingdom of darkness. And we got enough of that running wild in the church now.

(Stay in the spirit...this is only a hypothetical story). I said all of this to say... that my blog post about going to jail was much more deeper than me actually disobeying the law and going to jail. This one little simple thing about chosing life over death, light over dark plays a bigger role than our natural eyes can see.
So the meaning and the whole point of this little simple blog was not to reroute the saints into thinking that its okay to break the law and God will deliver you out of jail...ha ha ha....NO baby that ain't even 2% of it! lol

Hope I made some sort of sense.
I think I preached more to myself than I did for anyone else. Blessings!!!!

I need some kool-aid now, my throat a lil dry ...lol.
(excuse my sense of humor.)

Did I mention that I love ya!!!! But more importantly God Loves you more than ya know. He's a keeper even when "yo" lil stubborn self don't want to be kept!!!
He knows all about ya! He even knows the testimony that you ain't even told yo mama or anybody else for that matter! Who wouldn't serve a God like that....MY MY MY...I feel a praise break right "dere" sho'nuff!!!

Goodnight love!! (Im obviously sleepy!!!! )

Jasmine Hicks
Comment by The Prophetic Dancer on May 28, 2009 at 11:29pm
----man that was a whole -nother blog lol
Comment by The Prophetic Dancer on May 28, 2009 at 11:28pm
LMBO @ Moreh. Sweetie----No, the reason you were the only one who missed something...is because you missed the entire point of the post. Of course I disobeyed the Law. Is that not the obvious case in the story?? LOL. Does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out. I ACKNOWLEDGED that I disobeyed the laws of this world twice. Im sure that everyone that responded to this post got enough common sense to know not to speed or to drive on a invalid license and expired tag. (you miscounted I broke the law 3 times since you want to be funny lol). No I am not proud of what I did. THE ENTIRE POINT of the fact was that I opened to gateway (By being disobediant to the their laws) to my mind to be attacked mentally. But I was was prepared with a counterattack against what I stepped into. The real battlefield was not in the crime. The battlefield was in my mind against the kingdom of darkness. (You did mention that this was not an attack of the enemy, or the work of Yahweh....are you insisting that there is someone else in whom we should believe in??) By the fact that I choose joy and peace (Kingdom of light) over depression (Kingdom of darkness, which is our enemy) shows how in the midst of my wrong doing....there is still my father in heaven whom I still owe praises to and in the midst of my wrong doing he is merciful!!!! Who wouldn't serve a God like that :o). When depression comes to attack the mind, these kinds of spirits never attack alone. It would have also brought on the spirit of suicide, aniexty, hate, deceit, fatigue, spiritual abortion, etc. The victory of the matter and the testimony of this blog post was the battlefield in the mind in which the enemy is seeking to devour at any rate. You following me?

So now my counter-comment to yours is:

We have to be very careful about the people who try and come against you when your assignment was from God to show how faithful he is. We also have to be careful of people who try to appear to be so powerful and see right through the mask. Not only that...at all times we must demonstrate loving one another but accusations of your past is only another trick of the enemy. He wants us to fight each other so that in midst of chaos between one another he has route to move in his plans. So my brother...yes you are still my brother. I love you to life and all that I said here was not to in anyway harm or hurt you or to come back at you in a disrespectful manner.

Choose LIFE and LIFE more abundantly!
Blessings to ya!
Did I tell ya that I still love ya! :)
Comment by Elder Linda K. Smith on December 11, 2008 at 11:07pm
My Sister Jasmine,

Praise God for Your Joy in the midst of your trial which is very inspirational to all. What a glorious testimony. 1 Peter 4:12-13 says "Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christs sufferings; that when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy." Like Nehemiah said "for the joy of the LORD is your strength." TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

God's Grace and Blessings,

Minister Linda
Comment by Andrea Taylor on December 11, 2008 at 10:12pm
First of all I thank God that you're out! It only takes one time, to never go back again! LOL I've been there done that, but man....you did a few more hours than me! God bless you!

Anyway, I also praise God for your spirit as you go through these trials. The responses on "The Space" say that you are touching many, many people. In all things Give God the Glory! Remember, USE YOUR SWORD (God's Word) that is our offensive weapon for attacks!

Comment by Scott R. Newman on December 11, 2008 at 10:01pm
Rom 13:1 Let every soul be in subjection to the higher powers: for there is no power but of God; and the powers that be are ordained of God.
Rom 13:2 Therefore he that resisteth the power, withstandeth the ordinance of God: and they that withstand shall receive to themselves judgment.
Rom 13:3 For rulers are not a terror to the good work, but to the evil. And wouldest thou have no fear of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise from the same
Comment by T.L. Hawkins on December 11, 2008 at 9:00am

This is a VERY inspirational story! God Bless you for sharing it. As I was reading it, I got this "tingle" in my spirit. Sister, you should write a book about your struggles, trials and tribulations. You have the God given ability to make people mentally PICTURE what is going on. THAT is a blessing in itself. Be blessed.

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