This morning I received a phone call from cousin in North Carolina, in regards to my father's sister and favorite aunt Doris. This woman of God has been through three bouts of chemo over the past four years and now another adominal mass was removed. This woman is the example of long suffering that produces patience. I haven't been down south to visit her in a couple of years but I call her on a regular basis. She always tell me thats she's o.k and not to worry, even though I can hear the pain in her voice or hear the signs of heavy medication. But every time I pray for her, she prays for me encouraging my soul. She is close to receiving Hospice care now getting coverage seven days a week.
But I am not writing this blog for prayers for her or my family. (We do appreciate them). I am writing how God can bless us as we are going through some of life's difficult time. She belongs to one of the finest churches in Goldsboro North Carolina, which she attended faithfully and her church family is always their for her. Oh, the beauty of Holiness. No matter if your tore up from the floor up, or been saved and sancitfied all your life, God is there. The word Cancer scares us to death more than the disease and for those out their who suffer take a page from my aunts book, it doesn't matter what the doctor reports may bring, God is the TRUE GREAT PHYSICIAN.

I have done my fair share of comforting the sick and dying, even some of my own family, but I am here to tell you that its the the true worshipers of God, praising his Holy Name in spite of their afflictions that amazes me today. I spent twelve years as a Surgical tech and assisted surgeons on various tramua's and diseases, but its the Children of God, that I remember. They had no fear, for they know that this place is not there home. They have the peace that passes all understanding. What Faith, what commitment and what love.

I remember one church mother who has gone to be with her Jesus a few years now. The pastor and I where giving her communion and the pastor asked "Mother what do you want us to pray for?" Now you must realize this woman haven't walked in years unassisted, she lays in her bed most of the day, having her body failing her in many ways, but her mind and spirit where sharp. She looked at the pastor square in the eye and said, "Pastor, pray that I get more faith." I was messed up! We looked at each other and prayed the prayer of faith, she smiled and told us to get out and deal with some real sick folks. I want that kind of faith in God knowing that he is with us at all times,
the kind of faith that is renewed day by day,the kind of faith that looks death in the eye and say, "Oh, it's only you!" Min. Ron Richardson

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