Lee Iacoca the former CEO of Chrysler wrote an excellent book. Where are all the leaders? His book is a call for leadership of excellence, altruism,integrity, humility, thankfulness and selflessness or service. As long as I can remember early in my college days God has placed a seed in me to bring leaders and people together for the good and the greatness of mankind.

In this season, God is preparing to bring many people from the other side of the mountain to propel them into their destiny. Many will be great leaders in the Kingdom and in the world to advance godly agenda and purpose. These people will have a similar spirit, though varied backgrounds, experiences and education. Their main purpose will be to glorify God, fulfill Kingdom purpose using Kingdom strategy.

I invite you to join us at The National Black Leadership Project. Why is a project? Because we will train, encourage and enhance new and more seasoned leaders on how to walk by the Spirit of God, how to rise up in Kingdom authority, how to develop strategy to propel their Kingdom vision to the next level and dimension.

Lastly, we need each other.

http://nationalblackleadersproject.ning.com/ ; or http://nationalblackleadersproject.ning.com

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