1.My Dear Brother Apostle Paul. You have no idea what timing this message has in my life right at this very moment. I am a born again Christian , only just over two years old in my faith and my walk with our Jesus. I am weak and some of my past weaknesses are being tested as I write this letter, but I draw from our Heavenly Father's strength . Much Spiritual warfare in my life in the areas the enemy knows to attack . PRAISE GOD I will remain drawing His strength as He loves me and this I know.
Thankyou for this truly timely and encouraging message. I have been blessed.
God bless you as you continue to bless others and for everything you do in the Name of our Lord Jesus.
Eternally in Christ,
Nancy Lynn Welsh,usa

2.Praying but here in Ghana, testimonies are too much, praise God. Call today for you to have yours, He is still remain faithful with us. Tel 233-21312004/233-276166067/233-244657468. http://www.jesusfm921.com">www.jesusfm921.com

The logic of God’s wisdom
It is Christ’s power that accomplishes God’s will—not human/natural power.

It is dependence on Christ (faith) that lays hold of his power—not reliance on our own power or our ability to get more “natural” resources. The problem is that as fallen people, we have a deeply ingrained tendency to rely on ourselves rather than on God.

This is why it is realization of our utter weakness that cultivates dependence on Christ. Only when we become convinced that “I cannot” do we become open/able to affirm “I need you—you can/must do this.”

Therefore, it is the difficulties in our lives that convince us of our spiritual weakness—not the blessings. God usually does not create these difficulties, but he works through them in his love and wisdom toward this good end. This is why those who experience Christ’s life-changing power are thankful for their difficulties.

Now let’s see how this wisdom works out practically in two crucially important areas . . .

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