New multi-functional V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe set to hit market



Introducing the New All in One Golf Shoe That Speaks For Itself, the V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe

The new V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe is a one of a kind golf shoe that's original in its design.  It has been listed as one of the most talked about golf shoes of the 21st Century.  Those who really want to turn heads and start conversations on the golf course must try the new V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe.


"It's About Time" to bring about a change in the patterns, colors, and design of the golf shoe.  The nationwide launch of this new golf shoe is aimed at an audience that enjoys this uniqueness and change of style. 


Here's one golf shoe that is going to make a difference in the golf shoe industry and provide a service to the golfer.  The inventor of this new golf shoe was raised in Thomson, Georgia and he currently lives in Augusta, Georgia, home of the Masters and the birthplace of the golf cart.  This new V-Groove Tool Golf footwear is the brainchild of Anthony L. Griffin, a former military man and devout Christian and CEO of Griffin Athletics International, Inc.  The patented invention is also known as "The World's First Multifunctional Golf Shoe."


The old traditional style golf shoe is slowly fading away.  Today's players are looking for a different and unique style and versatility in a golf shoe.  The new V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe is "just that."  It is a very stylish golf shoe and is not like the traditional-looking golf shoe which is on the market now.


At one time it may have seemed like the golf shoe industry had reached their stylistic limits, but that's not so.  The V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe is the golf shoe that will get the golfers back in the groove and on the move again turning heads on and off the course.


The new V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe is lightweight and very comfortable, and the shoe provides an added service for the golfer that no other golf shoe has ever provided.  The new golf shoe makes a golf round less stressful and allows the golf game to flow better by providing every tool a golfer needs during a round within easy reach.  We ask that you take a look at this all in one unique golf shoe that is being introduced into the golf shoe industry.

When preparing to play a round of golf, some golfers carry a bag full of clubs and all the gear they need to play their best.  However, many of their smaller tools may get lost in the side pockets or fall to the bottom of the bag.  The new product receives its name from its unique design and functionality.  Griffin Athletics International, Inc. is introducing the "first multifunctional golf shoe" that will be every golfer's "personal caddie."

The V-Groove Tool Golf Shoe is designed to hold the tools and tees that golfers need while playing a round of golf.  The invention resembles a standard golf shoe with the exception of the secure compartment pockets that hold all the golfer's tools and tees directly on the outside of the golf shoe.

On the right shoe, there is a secured pocket for a divot repair tool and an embedded ball marker.  On the left shoe, there is a secure support pocket that has three individual slot compartments that hold three golf tees and an additional embedded ball marker.

The golf shoe has a full leather upper and all stitching is double-stitched.  The sole of the shoe is made with molded rubber material fashioned in a unique v-pattern design and is equipped with Champ brand soft spikes.  The shoe is available in a variety of colors that will suit any golfer's tastes and is priced at the cost of the traditional golf shoe.  

It’s the little things that can make a difference between having a good golf round and a bad golf round.  We believe that this new all in one golf shoe, which gives you quick access to your golfing tools, will allow you to play a more enjoyable and a more efficient round of golf.

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