New Year Resolutions OR Goals for 2009?

Every Year I am asked "what are your New Years Resolutions?" And every year those New Year resolutions are gone by the second week in January. I found that The better plan should be to make Goals.

Goals are more realistic. they are doable. they can be broken down into smaller steps. The African adage says "The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

I learned that Goals should be S.M.A.R.T.
Sspecific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

This is my plan for 2009. I will write out my personal, spiritual, family and business Goals.

This is what my plan of Goals will look like.
Objective: What I am going to do to work towards my goal
Strategy- My specific plans to reach the objective. How do I overcome the particular obstacles that may prevent me from reaching my objectives.
Evaluation- Re-evaluate my plans and the success or lack of it within a prescribed. How close am I to my success? How far am I way from the starting point? How close am I to the end point?

Here's an Example
Goal- to lose 50 lbs this year (yes I am putting it out there)
Objective- To become healthier, lessen my knee and back pain. to not become diabetic or hypertensive
Strategy- Go back on my Weight Watchers Plan, either the At work program or the Online program Get in more exercise. Take lunch and snacks to work. Journal what I eat. Wear a pedometer. Use my Exercise Walk at Home DVDs. I will set short goals for 5 lbs at a time.
Evaluation- Weekly weigh ins, Monthly measurements.
I actually can elaborate more on this, but you get the idea.

I have made similar plans for my Travel business as well. I have learned alot and I will be making changes to reflect those changes. In addition I will be sharing and assisting my Business Associates on my team to do the same. The Lord also laid it on my heart to share this at our Women of Vision Fellowship next week. People of God need to learn how to strategize and plan and do things "decently and in order"

When we fail to plan we plan to fail. I intend to make 2009 a year of success for me, my famly and my business. Why not join me in making Goals for 2009 instead of New Year Resolutions?

Be Blessed!

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