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New Years Repentance

Being that possessing the kingdom of God begins with repentance. (For those of you who don’t see it that way give me a shout but the hint to this is in the Old Testament when Israel was in a sin cycle and God was not with them they had to repent to get God to move on their behave once more and it is no coincidence that John the Baptist’s baptism was the baptism of repentance to make the people’s heart ready for what Jesus would be offering. And we too had to repent before becoming born again. Ok one of these days I’ll write about that but lets get to this New Year.) I would like to begin this New Year 2010 with repentance for myself, my nation, my ministry and for the body of Christ as a whole that 2010 be a different year, the year of God’s mobilized army.

Oh Lord Jesus I must first start with me because I can not honestly or humbly say that I have done all that needed to be done in 2009. You told me at the beginning of 2009 to form my year with my words and I am sure that there were times when I just chose to wallow in self pity and doubt. When you said take the land and I was still saying, how. I repent God for not being all that you wanted me to be in 2009 and not fulfilling your every desire for me in your kingdom and upon earth. Lord let this not be my potion in 2010, hallelujah.

For my nation I repent for all that we have done in taking the blood of your precious son Jesus as nothing and refusing to allow the proclamation of word to be freely expressed upon the land. Yes we say we live in a free country everyone is free to practice their religion BUT we have not welcomed Jesus freely here. Oh Father forgive us because we have said “no Christ here” BUT Father forgive us for we know not what we do because the truth is we need your Son.

For my ministry as myself I repent for not taking all opportunities given as well making some opportunities to proclaim your Son Jesus. You have given us the authority to proclaim your Son to the nations help us oh God to do so with power.

And for the body Christ the church I repent for the list is long I can not mention them all it would take volumes and scrolls but I say to the church awaken you sluggard recognize the times, change your ways, change your program, know when to dance and know when to fight. Neither the dance nor the fight or change of program can happen while you slumber. Oh God we need you to anoint us anew with the tangible anointing but first blow the horn and wake us up let not your anointing fall on the sleeper.

Humbly we bow oh God! Humbly we bow oh God! HUMBLY WE BOW OH GOD!


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Comment by William Jackson on January 2, 2010 at 11:05am
You made a very valuable point about "Being that possessing the kingdom of God begins with repentance."
Because many people want to change and be reborn, but forget this important part. In order to move forward
in ministry, walking in light and changing spiritually we have to recognize where we come from and repent for our sins.
That way we know where we are coming from and striving not to do those sins or deeds again..
Keep up the postings very good...


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