Please pray for me and support me in any way you can.
classes are supposed to start 13th this month,I was given a call from
the University of Salford asking if am still going to study,because I
have not registered(with a fee!) for my Master of Science
in Advanced Occupational Therapy.
I became positive enough and said Yes! You may agree with me,if you know all my life,It will take faith!
This education part is one That will either end by next week if I can't pay
my first installment or will start a new era in my life.Keep me in your
prayers for thus turning point please!

They told me I can pay in five installments.That means £2800 for the year divided by five....which is still a mystery to me.
It is a whole hard life with me, But I always never want to fail to try my real best!
So far, I have tried all I can about the Education bit; If It fails, No problem. I will have become 'man enough'! LOL!
I always pray for God's will; But also I pray for strength to do what I can, to play my part very well!
Details about my Vacancy are on here
God bless you,
Stuart Uganda

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