No longer a Jewish ~ christian nation Mr"O"

If you can take a few minutes to watch this video and think what an obedient nation is when we look at the Hebrew Bible..Idolatry is a no no Right?

And the good king bad King theme goes on and on even until this day right?

So if we do serve a god that is jealous and requires reverence What do we do with or about a ??Leader of the people?? Who does not obey the Tenants of G-d..
Take a moment if you can See the short video and I would like to see if the people know the difference between socialism Marxism and the collective prosperity of this once great nation..Just my two mites
Now Help out with an opinion or two is AmeriKa doomed under this leadership I really mean since the Bush_Clinton-Bush and the present fuehr~ grouping of Marxists..over the last twenty years sine they announced the NWO~if anybody has not noticed that is what they call it when the Elite want to strangle the ox for all they have and give them in return tyranny~~ the Video explains the problem we a once Jewish -Christian nation had....which is Sad

A King???bad-king Muslim and Non-american-and unknowledgeble of what the TaNaKh states to those who come against Israel...and lie to haShems people.

Not good is it?

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Comment by ShekinahLife on February 17, 2010 at 5:05pm

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