No More Games. (Let Your Voice Be Heard!!!)

Its time to put our foot on the devils head for real; This world is get'n more wicked as the day is go'n on; I pray somebody would scream for righteousness; "Please" >Homo's screaming, lesbians screaming; where is the church voice, please arise from your sleep, Its game time!!! I remember when Micheal Jordan was playing he didn't believe in home court avantange he gave his best no matter where he played, he let people know you wasn't going to beat me; where is the church toughness? whe been on the bench too long, tell the coach you going in to make a differance.

Whe are not of this world we are pilgrims pass'n threw, lets do a work of a Evanglist everywhere we go, let your voice be heard, "NO MORE GAMES" > sitting around doing nothing for God, A true witness isn't in silence, but when Jesus spoke demons was tormented and cast out and many people had hope because the great one "JESUS" wasn't silent, but he used power and strength and when he was weak he prayed to the Father take this cup from me, but he didn't stop there. Jesus said not my will but your will. Come out of your own will my friend and put on your war garments, get your helment (protection from God), sword (bible) boots (your in the path of God) belt (power and strenth) sheld (no weopen formed against you shall prosper.

Picture a basket ball game in your head 20 seconds left on the clock and the coach (Jesus) tells you to go in to hit the win'n shot, will you sit there or will you rush in? me> Im coming in with a wind mill dunk and you can't stop me devil!! the crowd going crazy, the church people win!!! the church people win!!! the church people win!!!


Its time to find the lostNfound and put him or her in there place.

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