No... No... It Won't Work!: ( My Daughter's Prayer/Poem)

Truthfully yu know why im here and who i am
so keep wat yu have and give me back my soul
make me whole....for me to have the ability to bow to our Gods mercy
he forgives me for my sins for i am his he allows me to run wild
in order for me to find my own hope that i dont stray.
as we pray in the sweet song sung at church
because no weapon against me that has or will be formed shall prosper..... wont work!
keeping my thoughts to myself as i pray
Plz God Jesus Christ our saviour guide me thru anothah' day!
though i am ready to return home upon Gods grace
i soon await to see the smile upon his face
when i walk in through that golden gate
to see my lifes eternal fate
because no weapons against me that had been formed prosper wouldnt work!
i listen to the sweetest whispers of my father in my ears
guilding me to the light telling me to cum here
in his presence i shed not a tear
because thy shall not fear
when no weapons can form against me and prosper.... wont work!
So do not weep as yu see me in my permenate lay
jus know that i finally made it to that day....
absent of the body being freed in the soul i alwayz say
but remember me in yur thoughts as yu pray..
Sing and scream the words i screamed before my rebirth...
because no weapons formed against me have prospered..... didnt work!!!!

By:Mianna Raeon Parris
December 31st,2007

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