Without love we have nothing but material things
No lasting joy that togetherness brings

We always feel need and there’s never enough
Of the cars and the houses and electrical stuff

We put on our jewellery, best clothes and vain face
Then we dine and we holiday in every nice place

And people they gather to know us with pride
We think we are rich but we’re bankrupt inside

We’re the beautiful people, well spoken and read
And we sleep well at night for our conscience is dead

Our friends and our lovers we buy as we need
And we get a good tax break by doing a good deed

If we lose all our riches where would we be?
For the conscience is dead and our spirits not free

We care not for others for our hearts made of stone
And we die as we live, forever alone

So ask us some day when our backs at the wall
And we’ll tell you with tears we had nothing at all

Love and peace

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Comment by Elder Lorraine Green on March 31, 2009 at 9:52am
God calls us to seek a higher level of. conscience. I am striving to discover and achieve my raison d'etre.

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