Greetings from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

I joined this site several weeks ago and I'm really amazed at what I've beed reading. The more I read the more discouraged I get. A lot of what I read is all about SELF motivation and SELF gratifacation. I have seen topics from " It's YOUR time in 09 to the come see ME preach conferences. When will the teaching start. Now, I see a site titled, " We aren't really christians." My Lord, what are we trying to do to people. We are to be doing what Jesus called us to do in Matthew 28: 18-20. We are to go out and teach all nations and baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And most importantly, TEACH THEM TO OBEYALL OF THE COMMANDMENTS I HAVE GIVEN YOU. But no, we have not been doing that. More and more, people are teaching this get your Money from God ministry. THe more money you give God, the more money He will give you back. Or get your blessing right now. Basically, you need to store up your treasures or earth message. Get your stuff now, because you won't get it later. I got one thing to say, " GOD AIN"T YOUR SUGAR DADDY." God don't owe us anything, but we OWE HIM EVERYTHING." People need to remember when God saved you from your mess. People need to remember when God set you free and you became born again. When you allowed His Son Jesus Christ to enter your life and fill you with the Holy Spirit. When did this happen. Well, it should have happen when you heard someone preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. If it happened this way for you as it did for me, then why is this self gospel being preached. Anything else won't do it. We have to give people a chance and Obey God as it is commanded. More importantly, you have to Love people enough to do it.


We are Christians. Yes, the word CHRISTIAN was a word used to insult people, but the meaning was still CHRIST FOLLOWER. PLEASE WAKE-UP BEFORE IT"S TOO LATE.

God bless

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Comment by Mikael Mashia on November 5, 2009 at 7:10pm
Lonnie, thanks for the reply on "why isn't the church affecting communities" But I fail to see your view, which you say is "plain and simple" That to me shows such "pride in your heart. If it was plain and simple I would have never started a thread on this subject. My thread was started so leaders would reveal something more than "plain and simple" responses but insight to what has went wrong and how could things be refreshed. There are dedicated men and women who put hard hours in ministry time. The thing is; there are many who rather than become a friend they speak words of war towards their brothers and sisters. They try to bring correction with no wisdom or wise counseling. The Holy Spirit is a patient person is He not?? So why not elaborate the revelation you have brother. It could free many that read. If that's all you have okay, I understand. By the way jesus is not the Messiah, Yahshua (Yahweh is Salvation) is, His name is sacred and Holy and never should have been change for no reason by the greek rulers who rewrote the scriptures to fit their culture and lies.


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