Ordination and Refreshing Retreat in Galveston, Tx

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Please take a moment to decide to come to this Awesome ministry Retreat in Galveston, Tx …I have committed to be refreshed and ready for the next of my journey…will you join us?

It will be joyous fellowship to be involved and evolve ready for Christ’s sake..

Note; If you need a ride, no problem, I have a seat for you, Ride with me. Room with me…

Email me : joyfellowshipalliance@live.com the sabbatatical long over due… I BELIEVE!!!

“Breaking the Silence to Uncover the Wounds” (by Propettess Pinki)


There is a Mandate to Break the Silence for the sufferings of the saints within the body of Christ, which has been imposed on by the body of Christ.

It is time to Experience the Fire and take your life from Stress to Rest!

There is a call for the Real Diva’s to gather together on the Island of Galveston in Galveston, Texas. We are expecting God to meet us for Morning Glory on Saturday morning as we embark upon the banks of the Gulf of Mexico to see the rising of the SON as we are arrayed in all white. Ordination service on the water.

Empowering, Encouraging, Educating you

Financially, Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually, Mentally

Friday March 12 ~ Sunday March 14, 2010

Galvez Hotel

2340 Seawall Blvd., Galveston, Texas

For more information call

832-417-1606 Prophetess Pinki Conference Host

254-541-1336 Apostle Brenda Hunter Conference Host

Registration $25.00 www.paypal.com email: alabasterboxministry@gmail.com

Rooms $50/night at 4 persons to a room

$100/night at 2 persons to a room

$200/night for single room

Air and ground transportation not included in the above rate.

The event will be led according to the Holy Ghost

Register NOW~ !!! Come Running to the Mercy Seat...Jesus is Calling, YOU....

Only what you do 4 Christ will last...

Apostle O~ Perkins

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Comment by Apostle Vasiliki L. Daniels on March 16, 2010 at 12:12am
Praise the Lord Bless woman of God
Greetings unto you by the Spirit of the Lord.
I have been praying and fellowship with the Lord, seeking for directions to meet new friends that has the heart of God's Love who will touch and agree for what ever the Lord will is for my purpose to come to Texas, for it is alright with my soul. I come humble unto you by the grace of God,
The Lord had launch me to come to Texas, and the door that He has for me, will be with some one that He will trust for us to meet each other acquiantance as we break bread together.
So here I am stepping out on faith, by first and foremost to show my self friendly first,.
We may not know each other in the natural, but by the spirit of God's leading we will know each other by the spirit of the Lord. Amen.
I notice that the over due of Sabbatatical has already took place and I was looking forward for the fellowship in meeting fresh real Apostle etc (five-fold ministers).
I know by me writing you is not in vain, because it is the stepping out on faith that matters, and I know that the Lord been ministering to me about Texas, ( Houston, Dallas, Austin,Ivrying) so I am reaching out for the divine connection and the bless fellowship.
For I know that I am not the only one left, that have not bow down to Baal (smiling)
I am looking forward for the extention of your hands to invite me down to fellowship along with the other chosen vessels.
Looking forward for you to get back with me, to let me know. and yes lets keep this lifted up in prayer.
so nothing will not hinder the hands of God as we come in agreed on one accord in God's spirit and in truth. In Jesus Christ name the Anointed One.
I am also looking forward to do a Revival in the Texas area, Keep that in prayer as well, to be connected with the real McCoys; For we all need a sharpen as Iron sharpen Iron (Amen)
In the mean time I will be standing on the wall, yet resting in the love of God,
God bless you Apostle
Comment by Apostle, Ouida Perkins on February 27, 2010 at 11:58pm
Go ahead...decide to come be Refresh and Recharge for Christ's sake...

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