Our Departure from this network on January 24, 2010

As this year is starting to come to a end, we, at Radio Front Broadcasting Group and Crossheart Solutions are going to make sense of the point of our departure.

As for today, we have decided to depart from this network due to the fact of lack on involvement within the members of this network.

Now, we have become friends to the people on this network and others; and they become members of our networks as well (about 5% of those whom are friends became members of our stations); but the 95% of those that we have send invites and ask if they could come and join with us to help build the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our radio and television station that are geared to bring that message that you, whom are ministers to the Gospel, for free, no strings attached. The lack of results have been very overwhelming that we decided to try this again, but this time, we will leave this site on January 24, 2010, if we don't have more people to be involve of the talents that we have on our radio and television stations. You know our website: www.crossheartsolutions.com; if you want us to be involve with your ministry.

Also, we are getting nowhere when you send us emails about the the Great Word of God, it is very refreshing to have your emails, however, not responding or interactive with us about your ministry and what we can do to help your ministry to be a better outreach for the Body of Christ. The message also get hectic when you, whom are using outdated ways to spread the Gospel to the lost (like teleconference on the phone) is really sending the new generation a bad message that the Body of Christ, especially, Black Preachers, should be on top of the latest of the gifts that are in your gasps. We are not saying that if you can afford to use us (since that we are doing this for free); we can understand that if you need a plan to bring this to the forefront, then we can help, otherwise, we can't help you if you don't ask us for help.

We are very disappoint that we have to almost beg you all to understand that we are in business to help the Body of Christ, regardless that if you are black, white, Asian, etc; the point is that our services are free, with the exception of broadcasting "live" from our television stations. Nobody, from a conference of independent broadcasters will not do the things that we do, in fact, they thing that we are wasting a lot of time on working with the black preachers due the fact that they will not be more aware that your services are free to use. Some of them are right, however, the Holy Spirit told me; as the founder of Crossheart Solutions, to do this for this network. Now, God has told me to write this statement of departure and set a date to see that those who will come to be part of the networks that we have, help them, but set a date and make it clear that this is not for those that I want to stretch out their borders and see that in our country; the Gospel is getting to the point that we can be free to be Christians.

So, our departure is January 24, 2010 and we will help anyone that need, but we have to charge after January 24 to bring the company that God want us to be to become more effective to proclaiming the Body of Christ.

Our networks are The Acts of the Gospel Radio Network, The Awakening Television Network and Praise Him Television Network, which all their websites are at our parent website: www.crossheartsolutions.com.

Thank you for listen, hopefully

Cleveland Rhodes
Founder and President of Crossheart Solutions

P.S.: For those that are part of our stations, thank you for the support and this statement is not toward you at all. This statement is to show the black ministers that they need to see what God is saying to them, instead of being so caught up into ministry without the sources that are their to help.

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