Mark 9:23--Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

We as saints of God have been hearing this scripture for a long time until it seems elementary.  We

also wonder why the things we are praying for are not objectified or manifested.  This is attributed to what the Philosopher Hegel asserted as "sense-certainty"; analysis, he argues, shows it is in fact a

peculiarly empty and abstract form of knowledge.  Today, some tag this as sense-knowledge and/or

comprehending or world through the five senses.  When, however, we realize that life is not fundamen-

tally physical, but mental and/or spiritual, it will not be hard for us to see that by a certain mental and

spiritual process we can demonstrate what we want. The point driven home is that we are not dealing

 with conditions but with causes; causes originate only from the unseen side of life.  This is not strange

as the same might be said of electricity.  We are living in the outer world of effects and in the inner

world of causes.  These causes we set in motion by our thought, and through the POWER inherent

within the causes, expresses the thought as a condition.  Everything comes from One Substance, and

our thought qualifies that Substance and determines what is to take place in our life.  The upshot of this system of thinking is That: THOUGHTS ARE THINGS---Proverbs 23:7.  This in no way takes

away from the omnipotence of God, but adds to it, for He has created something that is able to do this.  God still rules in the Universe; we are given the power to rule in our lives.  So, we are not limited

by actual boundaries, but byfalse ideas about life and a failure to recognize that we are dealing with

the Infinite.  Limitation  is not the fault of God, it is the fault of man's perception.

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