Our Relationship and Fellowship with Christ
Philippians 3:10

My Christian brothers and Sisters how do you see your relationship and fellowship with Jesus. As believers we need to understand our relationship and fellowship with him. This is very important to our faithful walk with him.

Our walk with Christ is not bread and butter. He did not just promise us a life of ease but also one of pain. We need to experience this man for ourselves not as others claim but for real. You either be in or you are out. This rerlationship and fellowship with Christ must be cherish. He is the shepherd and we are the sheep, he is the Lord and we are the servants, he is the master and we are the slaves, he is the father and we are his children. This is how it has been and this is how it should be today as we walk with the master.

I want you to understand that our relationship and fellowship with Christ is:

1. Personal - Paul says I want to know Christ. This is not intellectual knowledge, head knowledge of believing in historical facts or just the says of the Bible or Christ, but knowing God personally and intimately for yourself. How much do you know him?

2. Powerful - and the power of his resurrection. Knowing Christ is a powerful experience that must bring change. Paul had all of his religious pedigree but he want to know christ. He wanted a change. He did not count on who he was or has been and the religious positions and titles of holds. He want to be a new person in Christ. "If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation, old things are pass away behold all things have become new"...II Cor 5:17

3. Painful - and the fellowship of his suffering. In our relationship and fellowship with Christ there are pains. There are some pains we need to suffer, some rejection we need to accept, some temptation and trails we must face. If our Lord suffer we must suffer. The Bible says the servant is not greater than his master. Will you what you are going through as a blessing or a part of your Christian walk? and not just complain and feel tire or want to quit on Jesus?

4. Practical - become like him in death. Are you prepare even to face the death of the cross. We may not die the death of the death of the cross but we must be willing to move from darknes to light. We must not comform but tranform from the pattern of this world. We must live a life in Christ. We must follow him with all of our heart.

It is written in I John 2:6 " Whoever claims to live in him, must walk as Jesus did" While dont you read from verse 7-10 and see our walk in God. I ask that we be faithful till the end.

God Bless you.

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