Praise The Lord, Thank You Holy Spirit, For The Overwhelming Responses That Came Back, Only 2 Missed It.
Internet Denominations, Is Simply Believer's Recruiting Other Believer;s ( Christians ) Not For Christian Discussions Groups Or For The Sake Of Fellowshipping With One Another, But For The Sake Of Having A Title Other Than Your Gifted Title. This Is Addressed And Open To All Christians, Not Just Leaders. This Is Concerning The Body Of Christ As A Whole. What I Meant By Internet Denominations Verses The Body Of Christ. As A Whole. Picture The Body Of Christ, You Have The Mid Section ( In God's Army ), You Have The Legs ( Majestic ), You Have The Arms ( Sold Out For Jesus ), And So On, As You See The Body Is Now Divided. We All Should Be Sold Out For Jesus, We All Should Be In God's Army, etc. When We Chose A Title We Disturb The Body As A Whole, In Actuality We Should Be All Things And Everything In The Body As A Whole. There Are Many Members In The Body, In Which We Were Given Spiritual Gifts That Differ, Some Healers, Prophesy, Speak In Unknown Tongue, Preach, Teach, But Whatever The Gift, I'm Not Talking About The Gifted Title That God Gives, I'm Talking About The Titles We Give Ourselves For The Sake Of Being A Part Of A Group That Has Nothing To Do With Fellowshipping Or Discussions. We Must Unite As One With A Christ Like attitude And Mind. We Must Come Together As One. As For Martin Luther, Yes It Is Documented That Denominations Started With The ( 95 Theses ), Now We Know The Word (Theses) Means A Proposition Put Forward For Consideration, esp. One To Be Discussed And Proved Or To Be Maintained Against Objections. But One May Ask, Was His Theses A Revelation From God, Did God Reveal It To Him? Or Was It His Own Opinion, His Personal Writings? Did God Back Him Or Man, Regarding His (95 Theses)? Yes, I Certainly Agree, That The Opinions, And Suggestions, The Adding And Deleting Of The Holy Doctrine Words, And Everyone Wanting Their Way, Their Suggestions And Opinions Their Tnterpretations And Beliefs Is The #1 Cause Divisions Into Denominations Of The Church Which Is The Body Of Christ. Jesus Started One True Christian Religion. There Should Be Just One Body, Of True Worshipers Of God. (John 4:23, 24; Ephesians 4:4, 5) The Bible Teaches That Only A Few People Are On The Narrow Road To Life. Heaven Can Be Entered Only Through The Narrow Gate. The Highway To Hell Is Broad, And It's Gate Is Wide Enough For All The Multitudes Who Chose It's Easy Way. But The Gateway To Life Is Small, And The Road Is Narrow, And Only A Few Ever Find It. - The Living Bible Paraphrased - (Matthew 7:13, 14.). The Bible foretold That After The Death Of The Original Apostles, Wrong Teachings And Unchristian Practices Would Slowly Come Into The Christian Congregation. Men Would Draw Away Believers To Follow Them Instead Of Christ. Beware Of False Teachers Who Come Disguised As Harmless Sheep, But Are Wolves And Will Tear You Apart. You Can Detect Them By The Way They Act, Just As You Can Identify A Tree By It's Fruit. Not All Who Sound Religious Are Really Godly People. They May Refer To Me As Lord, But Still Won't Get To Heaven. For The Decisive Question Is Whether They Obey My Father In Heaven. At The Judgment Many Will Tell Me Lord, Lord, We Told Others About You And Used Your Name To Cast Out Demons And To Do Many Other Great Miracles. But I Will Reply, You Have Never Been Mine. Go Away, For Your Deeds Are Evil. I Know Full Well After I Leave You, False Teachers, Like Vicious Wolves, Will Appear Among You, Not Sparing The Flock. Some Of You Yourselves Will Distort The Truth In Order To Draw A Following. - The Living Bible Paraphrased. - (Matthew 7:15, 21-23; Acts 20:29, 30) That is why we see so many different religions that claim to be Christian. Divided We Fall, United We Stand. You Are Forever Loved. May The Grace Of Jesus Christ Be With You All. Amen.

Prophetess Fredericka

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